GSA Monthly Working Group Update
JUNE 2013

We close the second quarter with a MEMS working group meeting focusing on the integration of MEMS and semiconductor designs.   In May we addressed AMS OpenAccess Implementation, and discussed supply chain impact and risks due to single point failures, consolidation, and advanced packaging. Meetings are open to all industry professionals; registration is requested for each meeting.

Upcoming Meetings

MEMS Working Group – 06.12.13
ASE hosts as the MEMS working group addresses integration of MEMS and CMOS designs into a single product. Presentations from Coventor, ASE, and others highlight the agenda. If you are involved in semiconductor design, product engineering, or other aspects of the development flow, come share your insights and learn how to integrate MEMS capability to your designs.

InvenSense MotionTracking Developer's Conference 07.11.13
The Second Annual InvenSense MotionTracking Developers Conference will again bring together System OEM's, Ecosystem Partners, Application Developers, and Industry Analysts to learn about the technologies, market and future applications for MotionTracking in smartphones, tablets, and health and sports monitoring.

3D IC Working Group - 07.17.13
Building on the great information exchange from our April meeting, Rambus hosts as we explore cost down methodologies for 3D designs. Join us to share your insight, provide feedback, or network with industry experts.

IP Working Group - 07.18.13
Following a strong second quarter meeting, Synopsys hosts in July, as we review IP-XACT and Linaro activities. Join us as we continue driving IP ecosystem improvements.

MOS-AK / GSA Modeling Workshop - 09.20.13
Meetings provide a discussion forum among experts in the field to enhance information exchange related to Compact/Spice Modeling and Verilog-A standardization. Presentations topics cover all important aspects of compact model development, implementation, deployment and standardization.


AMS Working Group – 05.15.13
Cadence hosted as we continued our thrust into interoperable PDK development by looking at OpenAccess Implementation and Interoperability. The working group has made significant strides toward addressing the rationale for using standardized PDK. We're nearing completion of a PDK Quality Checklist, as well as a Process Control Monitor Checklist.

Supply Chain Working Group - 05.16.13
Exar hosted our discussion of ways to improve supply chain efficiency and support, looking at single points of failure, the impact and risks associated with industry consolidation, and the impact emerging technologies will have on the semiconductor supply chain.

Take Five With Warren
If you like to be in the know about the inner workings of the IP industry, check out “Take Five with Warren” on IPextreme’s IP WATCH YouTube channel. In concise interviews, Warren Savage sits down with industry insiders to delve into a wide range of topics, including:

  • Personal history and background in the semiconductor field
  • Industry trends and evolution
  • Business models and inter-company collaboration
  • Cutting-edge technology and innovations
  • Big ideas and predictions for the future

3D InCites Awards Program
Benefiting the Frances B Hugle Engineering Scholarship for women. the awards presentation occurs at a breakfast ceremony to be held Thursday, July 11, at the Impress Lounge (above Moscone North) during SEMICON West. Nominate your products here:

Monthly IP Blog
Our monthly blogs address IP related topics from the perspective of industry leaders. In May, Atrenta's Mike Gianfagna addressed IP Quality - is it Time for an IP Consumers Report.

Wafer and Assembly Pricing Survey – get free results
The 3 Q13 survey opens in July; participants receive free access to results, an $800 value. The report online query capability is a very useful benchmark data set for pricing trends and estimated costs. Input from all fabless semiconductor and IDM that are purchasing wafers directly from an established foundry relationship, or are outsourcing assembly services, is tabulated and analyzed. If you are and are interested in participating, contact Harrison Beasley.

Member News

TSMC plots system super chips

Mentor and Tezzaron Optimize Calibre 3DSTACK for 2.5D/3D-ICs

Mentor teams up with OpSIS, Lumerical on PDK dev't

It's a Tie: Bosch and STM Hold Joint Honors as No. 1 MEMS Suppliers for 2012 

TSMC’s MEMS foundry enjoys 80% growth

Wolfson to move integrated MEMS mics to 8in wafers

Collaboration to yield low cost interposers for 2.5D ICs

Mentor Graphics and TSMC collaborate on 20nm IC physical verifications

SanDisk announces sampling of 1Ynm process tech

TSMC certifies Mentor EDA tools for 16nm FinFET

Mentor Graphics, Samsung enhance 14nm PDKs

Cavendish samples tuneable RF capacitors to key partners

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GSA Blogs
The GSA staff accepts articles of interest for review and potential publication, at your convenience. Every month we publish insightful blogs on IP related topics. Readership is strong, with most blogs being read for several months after publication. Every month working group activities and developments are highlighted in blog format for your review. 

Working Group Participation
As seen in other sections, activity in 2013 shows strong participation, with great presentations and project efforts. Bring your expertise and unique insight us as we continue to drive semiconductor ecosystem development through education, analysis, and strong networking. Click here to review our working group activities.


MEMS WG Meeting
Sunnyvale, CA

3D IC WG Meeting
Sunnyvale, CA

IP WG Meeting
Mountain View, CA

AMS WG Meeting
Silicon Valley

Supply Chain WG Meeting
Silicon Valley

MOS-AK / GSA Meeting
Marriott Grand
Bucharest, Romania