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Aptina Imaging is a fabless provider of complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) imaging technologies and solutions with a growing portfolio of high-quality imaging products that can be found in all leading mobile phone and notebook computer brands as well as a wide range of products for digital and video cameras, surveillance cameras, medical, automotive, industrial, video conferencing, barcode scanners, toys and gaming applications across the globe.

A leading innovator of new CMOS imaging technologies, Aptina invests in solutions to the hard engineering problems and the rapid delivery of these technologies with industry-leading performance and reliability. Aptina A-Pix technology, for example, is a series of advanced pixel technologies featuring lightguide and deep photodiode and 65 nanometer pixel design rules that cost-effectively advance pixel performance. With Aptina's A-Pix technology, mobile phone camera users have access to the picture quality and overall imaging experience as close as possible to that available with a digital still camera. It also enables a new class of hybrid camera that combines digital still image capture with advanced high-performance, high-definition (HD) video. Aptina DR-Pix is another example of innovation the company is integrating into its products to improve performance and reliability.

A core focus for the company is dedicated customer support from concept to launch, thus enabling Aptina customers to be first to market with the best possible sensor technology. The company is able to offer flexibility, fast cycle times and tremendous supply chain advantages through key technology partnerships and industry relationships, such as with the Global Semiconductor Alliance, that enable customers to meet the needs of an ever-changing marketplace.

"GSA enhances our ability to connect to key industry leaders, and the organization offers outstanding research. Each of these helps make Aptina more relevant to our customers and partners, and more informed about the industry as a whole."

– Dave Orton, CEO, Aptina Imaging Corporation

David E. Orton, CEO
Bob Gove, President & CTO
Joseph Passarello, CFO
Jan du Preez, VP, Corporate Sales &
Managing Director, Aptina Singapore
Sandor Barna, VP & GM, Consumer
Camera Business Unit
Farshid Sabet, VP & GM, Mobile,
PC & Gaming Business Unit
David Zimpfer, VP & GM, Automotive
& Industrial Business Unit
Robert Schlossman, VP, General
Counsel & Secretary
Jeff Mendiola, VP, Operations
Sammy Yi, VP, Assembly Operations
& Advanced Packaging
Roger Panicacci, VP, Product Development
Shung Chieh, VP, Technology Development
3080 North 1st St.
San Jose, California 95134
(T) 408-660-2699
(F) 408-660-2347

BeSang Inc. is a pioneer in the design, development and delivery of unsurpassed three-dimensional (3D) IC solutions, providing unmatched process and design technologies for 3D IC as well as technology licenses to customers. The company's proprietary and cutting-edge True 3D IC technologies enable vertical stacking of multiple device layers and offer ultra low-cost and high-performance solutions to central processing unit (CPU), digital signal processor (DSP), graphics processing unit (GPU), application-specific IC (ASIC), field-programmable gate array (FPGA), system-on-chip (SoC), dynamic random access memory (DRAM), standard random access memory (SRAM), Flash, image sensor and solid-state drive (SSD) applications.

Having accumulated eight years of experience in 3D IC since being incorporated in 2003, BeSang has successfully developed True 3D ICs and currently holds more than a dozen foundational patents around the world. The first prototype of True 3D IC was successfully demonstrated in 2007 at Stanford NanoFab, and the commercial-level sample was demonstrated in 2008.

Presently, BeSang is working on a market introduction of True 3D IC products for the first time in the industry. The first volume production of memory devices made in this technology is expected to be available to the market in 2012. It is anticipated to eventually change the semiconductor industry standard from two-dimensional (2D) device shrinking to 3D stacking.

BeSang was listed as one of the 60 emerging start-ups in EE Times' 2009 Silicon 60, and was also tipped as the "3D IC winner" by market research company Frost & Sullivan. "3D IC Architecture and Business Model for High-density Memories," an article co-written by President and CEO Sang-Yun Lee, was featured in the March 2010 issue of GSA Forum. The fabless semiconductor company is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon.

"BeSang has been a member of GSA since 2007. GSA is an invaluable resource that provides an excellent environment in which BeSang can connect, gain insight and share information with others in the semiconductor industry."

– Sang-Yun Lee, President and CEO, BeSang Inc.

Sang-Yun Lee, President & CEO
Junil Park, VP, Process Technology
Greg L. Martinez, Director, Strategic
Intellectual Property (IP) Management
Joon Chung, Director, Operations
1915 NW Amberglen Parkway
Suite 310
Beaverton, Oregon 97006
(T) 503-601-2025
(F) 503-336-3784
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