EMEA Events

Israel Executive Forum | Herzliya, Israel | October 14, 2015

The Israel Executive Forum is an invitation-only event that brings together over 150 leading regional executives for the purpose of promoting industry collaboration and the advancement of technology, business, and commerce. The Forum provides insight into Israel’s impressive industry growth and its upcoming challenges. In light of a rapidly-evolving market, our presenters discuss how to make wearables, innovative human-machine interfaces and the Internet of Things a reality.

Entrepreneurship Conference | London, United Kingdom | November 3, 2015

European start-ups have traditionally been a tremendous source of innovation in the semiconductor industry. However, two major difficulties limit their technological and business impact on the global market: raising capital and obtaining specific start-up support.

To overcome these challenges and support the industry’s goals, we must identify and propose progressive solutions from the corporate, financial and government sectors. This year’s Entrepreneurship Conference will address unfolding strategic initiatives to increase financing, successful IPO and acquisition exits for start-ups, as well as their impact on Europe’s business value.

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