Collaborative Innovation in the Global Semiconductor Industry

Semiconductor companies are embedded in a business ecosystem comprised of suppliers, customers and complementors. Each of these players exert an important influence on the ability of the semiconductor company to create value from its own products and technologies. Many companies acknowledging this interdependence are pursuing collaborative innovation models in which value is created not only within the company, but also at the collaborative interface between the company and its diverse set of partners. However, the success of such collaborative innovation models is often constrained by the technological and organizational challenges that companies face due to increasing complexity, greater competition and the quickening pace of change.

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GSA is pleased to announce the release of Collaborative Innovation in the Global Semiconductor Industry, a joint effort between GSA and faculty at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. This report provides an extensive and systematic analysis of the patterns of collaboration within the semiconductor ecosystem. The research was spearheaded by Rahul Kapoor, a management professor at The Wharton School.

The results from the survey provide detailed analysis of the following:

  • Nature of challenges faced by semiconductor companies with respect to time-to-market, product differentiation and IP management.
  • Different types of opportunities available for value creation through collaboration within the ecosystem.
  • Role played by complementors (i.e., providers of complementary products) in enhancing a semiconductor company’s competitive position.
  • Internal organization and collaboration between supply chain management, marketing and engineering functions.

Download the file here. (PDF, 1MB)

For questions regarding this report, contact Chelsea Boone, Director of Research.

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