IPecosystem Tool Suite

Semiconductor IP providers are a critical aspect of the semiconductor supply chain. GSA created two productivity tools enabling more efficient communication between IP vendors, IP integrators/evaluators and foundries for IP interaction, an area critical for design success. The tools create efficiencies and lower risk by reducing the time spent collecting the general information required to purchase, integrate and utilize IP. The goal is to provide companies purchasing IP with a more efficient means of integrating and utilizing IP at various intervals – from pre-purchase, licensing, design and manufacturing.

About Each Tool

The Tools are conveniently packaged into one file to provide IP vendors and integrators/enablers the most efficient and effective method of evaluating IP. Version 4.003 includes Hard IP Quality and Hard IP Licensing.

  • Quality- Hard IP Quality Risk Assessment Tool 

    The GSA Hard IP Quality Risk Assessment Tool enables companies to collect important information about an IP vendor, its design methodology and the IP under evaluation to enable risk assessment across seven criteria/categories: IP design, integration, verification, process technology, product documentation, reliability and test. Dr. Raminderpal Singh, Systems and Technology Group, IBM, is the technical lead for this project, which led to the development of the GSA Hard IP Quality Risk Assessment Tool benefiting the IP vendor, integrator and foundries involved in SOC design.

  • Licensing- Hard IP Licensing Risk Assessment Tool 

    The Hard IP Licensing Risk Assessment, which focuses on third-party IP licensing to aid in the negotiation process. It leverages the programming and format of the Hard IP Quality Risk Assessment Tool with a set of standard questions addressing the intangible aspects of IP licensing. This makes the time spent collecting information more efficient and decreases the weeks spent on data collection. The questions were developed around categories for the vendor to communicate the abstract answers at critical junctures for negotiation.

Download the IPecosystem Tool Suite.


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