GSA Asia Pacific Executive Forum

GSA has hosted numerous worldwide executive forums and conferences in order to provide a successful platform for global collaboration as well as to address industry challenges and efficient solutions to these challenges. This year will mark our thirteenth year of hosting leadership events in the Asia Pacific region.

In order to reflect on the changes in the industry and the increased role of the region in the industry, we will be holding the “AsiaPac Executive Forum” to explore broader horizons in innovation and promote global collaboration. This event gathers leading executives throughout Asia Pacific and beyond to discuss the greatest areas of opportunity within the semiconductor industry and the obstacles that must be addressed to capitalize on them.

This half-day forum includes global speakers from leading semiconductor manufacturers and suppliers, universities, and industry analysts and provides multiple opportunities for thought exchange and collaboration.

This year “GSA Asia-Pacific Executive Forum” is scheduled in TAIPEI MARRIOTT HOTEL, Taipei, Taiwan, on November 8th.


2017 is a monumental year for the semiconductor industry.  We are experiencing one of the best semiconductor growth cycles in the backdrop of a very dynamic macro environment.  Most sectors in the industry are recording impressive profits on the strength of the growing application and stabilizing existing sectors.  Even segments, such as personal computers, that have been declining for a few years are showing much better signs in business performance.  On the technology side, 7nm production is becoming a reality and the work beyond that is well underway.  However, perhaps the most exciting development is the new design starts enabled by the new systems and applications, such as 5G, new cloud computing architectures, machine learning, autonomous driving cars, FinTech, big data, etc.  It is exciting to see the industry to engage not only in new process node advancement, but also new architectural designs, sometimes breaking the mold of Von Neumann architectures, in order to satisfy new computing demands.  As we build on the strength of 2017 to leap forward into 2018, we will gather industry thought leaders to reflect on the state of the industry and discuss how the semiconductor industry rethink computing for the system and software innovation.



Wednesday, November 8, 2017
1:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Taipei Marriott Hotel

8F, Garden Villa

No. 199 Lequn 2nd Road
ZhongShan District
Taipei, 10462 Taiwan


Registration fee

GSA members: FREE.

Non-member: USD199 (registration fee for the forum only).

VIP Dinner is by invitation only.

Please register online before November 6, 2017.