A message from GF’s CEO Tom Caulfield on COVID-19

Dear Valued Clients and Partners,

These extraordinary times are certainly challenging us all as individuals, family & community members, global citizens, employers, partners, and suppliers. As the situation continues to evolve, GF has focused on two guiding principles: first and foremost, the safety and wellbeing of our employees and their families and second, protecting our ability to deliver on our commitments to our clients.

Around the globe, our fabs are operating at 90-100% of our production targets while working on split shifts, non-operational employees working from home, strict controls around entering our facilities and following rigorous and disciplined social distancing policies. I want you to know that our dedicated and amazing employees work around the clock to meet your needs in manufacturing the semiconductors that are supporting the world’s most vital needs including healthcare, communications, infrastructure and national defense.

In these unprecedented times, we strongly believe that protecting our employees and securing our operations for our clients’ needs is not only our responsibility but also our calling. At GF, we have been managing this crisis since its early days with our operations in China and Singapore.  Our proactive actions – following our well-planned and strict crisis management protocols – have served us well to protect our employees, their families, our communities and our business.

For our three US fabs, GF has been designated an “essential manufacturer” by the US Government and the State of New York. Our operations have not been impacted by the executive orders the Governor of New York has enacted in the state. In Dresden, our safety measures continue to protect our team who are fully dedicated to maintain our manufacturing operations.

We continue to closely monitor potential supply chain disruptions and review key suppliers’ contingency plans. We are actively monitoring and mitigating risks across all major supply chain categories: direct materials, indirect materials, silicon & photomasks, and equipment. While some suppliers have been affected, there have been no operational impacts on GF to date.

In response to the unprecedented global impact of COVID-19, GF is taking steps to help the most vulnerable in our communities and around the world. In each of our US sites, we are making a $10,000 (USD) donation to local food banks to help families facing food insecurity. We are also donating $10,000 (USD equivalent) to causes in Singapore, Dresden and Bangalore. In addition to supporting our local communities and families, GF is making a $25,000 donation to provide supplies and relief to frontline healthcare workers in the hardest hit regions of the world, including Italy and in countries with challenges in their healthcare systems.

At no time has our GF mission statement been more vital and important:  We innovate and partner with our clients to deliver technology and solutions for humanity.  Humanity needs us all now in this time of crisis, and together we must collectively rise to the occasion. We must all support each other and do all that we can to protect our fellow global citizens. You can count on GF to do its part.

I wish you, your family and your employees good health.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to your GF contact or me directly.