Brite Semiconductor (“Brite”), a world-leading ASIC design solution and DDR controller/PHY provider headquartered in Shanghai, China, today announced that Brite provided a total solution for a famous NVDIMM (non-volatile dual in-line memory module) vendor.

A NVDIMM is a type of random-access memory for computers,which retains its contents even when electrical power is removed, for example from an unexpected power loss, system crash, or normal shutdown. NVDIMMs improve application performance, data security, and system crash recovery time and enhance solid-state drive (SSD) endurance and reliability.

Currently most of the NVDIMM controllers adopt FPGA or CPLD solution. Although it is flexible, it can’t resolve the power, cost and density issue. Brite provides a total solution of DDR4 Controller/PHY support 3DS, RCD (register clock driver), DB (data buffer), ONFI4.1 Controller/PHY, ECC(BCH/LDPC), Crypto(AES-XTS/TRNG), and low power MCU for NVDIMM ASIC solution and help NVDIMM vendors to reduce the time-to-market.

“Based on 10 years successful experience of design service and DDR IP development on the cutting-edge processes, Brite together with IP partners provide total solution for NVDIMM vendors to support their requirements,” said Yadong Liu, VP of Engineering at Brite Semiconductor. “The technical advancement has empowered us to assist customers effectively and gain more and more customers in NVDIMM field.”

About Brite Semiconductor
Brite Semiconductor is a world-leading ASIC design solution provider and DDR controller/PHY provider, targeting ULSI ASIC/SoC chip design on SMIC advanced 55nm/40nm/28nm/14nm process technology and turn-key solutions. Brite Semiconductor provides flexible one-stop services from RTL/Netlist to chip delivery, seamless, cost effective, and low-risk solutions to customers.

Brite Semiconductor also provides comprehensive silicon proven “YOU” IP portfolio and silicon platform solution, which can be widely adopted in consumer electronics, IoT, wearable devices, communications and computers, as well as industrial and municipal areas. As part of YouIP portfolio, YouSiP (Silicon-Platform) solution provides a prototype design reference for system house and fabless to differentiate their products and win the market rapidly.

Brite Semiconductor was founded in 2008 by venture capital firms from China and abroad, and collaborated with Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC) as strategic partners in 2010. With headquarters in Shanghai, Brite has two subsidiaries, Beijing Brite IP, Hefei Brite Technology and Brite Semiconductor (Suzhou), and also has offices in the US, Europe, Japan and Taiwan Region.

Melissa Mao
Brite Semiconductor