CEO Interview – Dr. Naveen Rao, Nervana Systems

Dr. Naveen Rao CEO & Co-founder, Nervana Systems I’d like to start with an introduction of yourself and your educational and professional background. I’ve been thinking about artificial intelligence for a long time. I used to read a lot of Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke. It worked out in my favor that the big sci-fi trends in the mid 80’s/early 90’s seemed to all be centered around AI! This curiosity lead me to Duke University where I graduated with degrees in both computer science and electrical engineering with many classes in philosophy. During my undergrad years, I worked on neuromorphic circuits, which are Read More

CEO Interview – Dr. Naveen Rao, Nervana Systems2023-02-24T16:56:22-06:00

CEO Interview – Greg Waters, Integrated Device Technology

Greg Waters Integrated Device Technology: New Partnerships to Fuel Future Growth   Tell us about IDT – your vision and interests for the upcoming years.  Where do you see the company going? My vision is for IDT to continue on its path to becoming a world-class technology company, both fiscally and through our technology offerings. We have a great team that’s done a remarkable job of turning this company around over the past year, and I envision continued growth that will outpace the semiconductor industry for some time to come. We’ll do this by maintaining our fiscal discipline and expanding Read More

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CEO Interview – Faraj Aalaei

Faraj Aalaei, CEO of Aquantia GSA sat down with the CEO of Aquantia and 32-year industry veteran, Faraj Aalaei, to discuss his growing company. We discussed his insights into their numerous rounds of funding and how to successfully contribute to the ‘big data’ trend in the semiconductor industry.     1. Aquantia received numerous awards last year including, GSA’s Most Respected Private Company Award, EETimes & EDN Company of the Year Award and Cisco’s New Emerging Technology Supplier Award in 2013. In your opinion, what set Aquantia a part from the other nominees? There are two things that set Aquantia apart. First, there is technology execution Read More

CEO Interview – Faraj Aalaei2023-02-24T16:56:29-06:00

CEO Interview – Dan Glotter, Optimal+

Dan Glotter, CEO, Optimal+ 1. What was the inspiration for founding Optimal+? My concept for Optimal+ started while I was working at Intel. I was working in wafer manufacturing and decided to move into test operations. What was most surprising to me was the level of automation, tools and methodologies that were being applied in wafer manufacturing but not in test operations. In this new role, I also started attending many test conferences, such as ITC, and realized that the differences I was seeing was not localized to Intel but applied to the entire semiconductor industry. It was at that point that Read More

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