GSA Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) Pledge

In mirroring the GSA WLI vision of significantly increasing the number of women in leadership roles in the industry and the number of STEM-focused female candidates joining the industry, I commit to being a part of the solution to increase female representation and inclusion through:


  • Commit to prioritizing gender diversity and gender pay parity, starting at the C-suite and permeating through the entire organization, by reviewing gender pay equity and representation data, assessing (measuring and critiquing) current recruiting, hiring, interviewing, and training (i.e. unconscious bias) strategies to attract and grow female talent.


  • Commit to creating an inclusive culture, free from biases, that enables women to contribute their maximum potential by fostering a workplace that promotes work-life balance through transparent, contemporary practices and policies for a flexible career path.


  • Commit to the professional development of women by offering dedicated opportunities through internal or external affiliations, training, recognition, speaking engagements, and participation in advisory groups.


  • Commit to creating advancement opportunities through sponsorship and set meaningful performance objectives that give women opportunities for promotion and career progression. Measure and track male/female promotion ratio and correct based on progress made by the company.

We thank the following leaders for their agreement and support. If you’d like, add your name to our growing list.

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