ChipGlobe GmbH, the specialist in developing comprehensive chips like ASICS, FPGAs and Embedded Systems, is pleased to announce that they have become a member of Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA), the voice of the global semiconductor industry.

“Joining GSA will strengthen our experts in supporting customers with worlds latest methodologies and will provide an attractive platform for the female leaders at ChipGlobe to grow and bring their sites with teams into the top position for next level partnering with customers. This means as well attracting young talents at the local universities to join ChipGlobe for good reasons, ultimately for getting visibility and becoming involved in the several interest groups, like on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Automotive and Secured IoT, provided by GSA.” said Volker Frisch, CEO of ChipGlobe. “These fields covered by GSA will enable the worldwide ChipGlobe teams for growing in these world’s most attractive domains, bringing desired competences and even new products and brands like Carenuity® to our customers. We are looking forward to participate in the global initiatives driven by GSA to present the semiconductor industry for what it really is – an unlimited set of exciting and rewarding paths to a better world.”

ChipGlobe GmbH has built a tremendous track record over the past 10 years and was founded by Volker Frisch, who has been active internationally since 2003. ChipGlobe independently serves major semiconductor accounts of relevance with the desired expertise in the field of integrated chip development. The motto of ChipGlobe is: from idea to prototype, with expertise for the entire design chain and specializing in ASICs, FPGAs and embedded systems to develop products that meet the latest industry standards.

“We are very pleased to have Chipglobe join the GSA,” said Jodi Shelton, co-founder and CEO of GSA. “Chipglobe brings a wealth of industry knowledge to the Alliance and we look forward to their contributions to our industry events, interest groups and resources. As the GSA gains new members, we are ultimately supporting and enhancing the global semiconductor ecosystem.”

As a member of the GSA, Chipglobe will benefit from the unique neutral platform provided for collaboration, where global executives may interface and innovate with peers, partners and customers to accelerate industry growth and maximize return on invested and intellectual capital.


About ChipGlobe GmbH

The ChipGlobe Headquarter is located in Munich, Germany and has design centers in Dresden (Germany), Belgrade (Serbia), Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) and Thessaloniki (Greece), as customers appreciate close vicinity cooperation. With more than 100 experts and an experienced management team, they are growing rapidly. Supported by the exceptional vision of the management staff and the extensive practical knowledge of their employees, they carry out projects successfully, sustainably and in a very well communicated way, providing the “Managed Consulting” services to their clients.