The futures of mobility after COVID-19 | Deloitte
Scenarios for transportation in a postcoronavirus world
Scott Corwin, Rasheq Zarif Andrey Berdichevskiy, and Derek Pankratz

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This piece is an extension of another publication Deloitte launched in conjunction with Salesforce and several renowned scenario thinkers back in April, titled The World Remade by COVID-19, that offers a four scenario view of how businesses and society may develop over the next three to five years as the world navigates the potential long-term implications of the global pandemic.

This Futures of Mobility article takes the four scenarios outlined in the original piece and puts a mobility lens on them focusing on key areas of where future of mobility initiatives were prior to COVID and where they are now.  More specifically, it identifies how these scenarios could play for six sectors/domains: Automotive, Transportation/Shipping, Technology, Shared Mobility, Local Government and Public Transit. It also provides actions leaders should take for trends that are likely to happen no matter which scenario may play out.