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Executive Series – Japan |

We live in an era of unprecedented opportunities: Autonomous Driving, AI, IoT, 5G, Cloud, High-Performance Computing, AR/VR are all in the process of transforming societies, industries and lifestyles around the world. We are gathering industry leaders and decision-makers in Tokyo on February 12th to discuss the present and future of our industry, as well as the opportunities and risks created by those technological shifts. 

Reshaping Industries, Transforming Societies

We will take the Automotive industry as the case in point and most striking example of these trends. It is facing massive technological disruptions: autonomous driving, connected cars, electrification, and shared/diverse mobility amongst others.

These disruptions have a profound impact on the rise of software and electronic architectures within vehicles and in the broader automotive ecosystem. But as software content grows, so does the risk of cyber incidents and attacks, with potentially life-threatening consequences.

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