Semiconductors are at the very heart of technology development

Overview: Key Semiconductor Industry Trends

  • The automation trend, including the Internet of Things, presents a big opportunity for the semiconductor industry, as demand for related technologies has grown rapidly.
  • In particular, the automotive industry (including self-driving cars) is a key investment area for semiconductor companies, as demand generated from advanced driver assistance systems, electric drive systems, in-vehicle infotainment systems, etc. is expected to soar.
  • Ongoing IoT adoption across industries has lead to a widened customer base for semiconductor companies. It is vital that semiconductor companies work intimately with related customer segments to enable new solutions.
  • Semiconductor companies will need to adapt their business models even more to allow greater partnering / solutions development with both their new and existing customers.
  • Semiconductor companies must make huge investments in new designs and materials, as they attempt to keep pace with Moore’s Law, while the viability of this theory remains in question.

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