Greg Waters

Integrated Device Technology: New Partnerships to Fuel Future Growth


Tell us about IDT – your vision and interests for the upcoming years.  Where do you see the company going?

My vision is for IDT to continue on its path to becoming a world-class technology company, both fiscally and through our technology offerings. We have a great team that’s done a remarkable job of turning this company around over the past year, and I envision continued growth that will outpace the semiconductor industry for some time to come.

We’ll do this by maintaining our fiscal discipline and expanding our portfolio of high-value semiconductors in targeted markets—markets where we can continue to build upon our areas of expertise and develop unique, differentiated products.

Talk a bit about the culture you are fostering at IDT?

Our mantra is “Grow.” I believe the best way to grow a company is by growing its employees—providing opportunities for personal growth that enables them to contribute more—it’s good for them and it’s good for the company. We are looking to develop our leaders of tomorrow from within IDT, and that requires providing our employees with the tools they need for their personal and professional growth. So our goal is to develop a culture that values education, advancement, and personal and professional growth.

What compels you to work with a university – and specifically why Northeastern University?

Our recent affiliation with Northeastern University (NU) is a good example of where we’re going with the “Grow” approach to our business. Having Northeastern’s Silicon Valley campus located in our San Jose headquarters is, of course, logistically helpful to IDT employees wanting to further their education. But it also is a statement about the value we place on education, which is essential for growth—for both an individual and a company.

Importantly, we have a strong interest in strengthening the ecosystem of people and companies around Silicon Valley.  There are many talented people in the region, and Northeastern offers them a place to re-imagine the classroom, with people from incredibly diverse backgrounds–including other semiconductor companies, tech companies, healthcare companies, ethnicities – all learning together, collaboratively.  The potential from that – the new innovations, new technologies – is great for both IDT and the region. In some ways, it harkens back to how Silicon Valley was created.

As for why NU, I went to graduate school there so I am well aware of the university’s pioneering role in experiential learning, where students get significant real-world experience working in their chosen industry. Bringing that approach to Silicon Valley also made good sense to me.

How did this arrangement with NU come about?

The university had previously established successful graduate-level campuses in Charlotte and Seattle, and when I learned from a fellow alum that NU was looking for a home in Silicon Valley for a technology-focused graduate program, I sat down with their team and we quickly recognized how this could benefit us both. We had the available space in our building, and bringing in a university just seemed much more interesting and beneficial to IDT and the region than leasing the space to another tech company.

What is the motivation to invest in education, learning and development?

As I mentioned, education is a key part of our employee development efforts, but there are some pragmatic factors as well. For instance, at some point I envision IDT will be able to harness the brainpower of NU faculty through joint research projects. And I hope NU’s presence on our campus will help attract high-quality job seekers who see the value of continuing their education, and in working for a company that values and supports their professional growth.

Why open your campus/space to other peers/competitors and other local companies in the area?

I guess it’s the “rising tide lifts all boats” philosophy. A smarter Silicon Valley benefits everyone (companies and people), including IDT.

What are you looking to accomplish as a result of this?

I’d like to see NU students here in Silicon Valley teaming with IDT employees on research projects, and I also anticipate a more vibrant, energized IDT campus as a result of having the university presence. It all feeds into the culture we’re trying to nurture of growing our company by growing our people and truly impacting the region.

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