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eBeam Community Speaks Out on Future Directions for Photomask Manufacturing

As has been the case for many years and for the near future down to the 7-nm logic node, electron-beam (eBeam) mask writing is pushing the limits of acceptable write times and quality. The eBeam community has responded to these challenges through innovation, engineering and collaboration. In 2009, the eBeam Initiative was launched to provide a stronger voice and educational platform for eBeam technology within the photomask and semiconductor design and manufacturing ecosystem. For the fourth consecutive year, as the photomask community heads to the annual SPIE/BACUS Photomask Symposium in Monterey, the eBeam Initiative has conducted a survey on photomask-related trends and perceptions. This annual perceptions survey has been instrumental in confirming key areas to align the Initiative’s efforts on to guide the industry ecosystem forward in supporting the introduction of new eBeam technologies. At the request of the community, an additional mask survey was conducted this year by the ... Read More »

Advanced Analytics: Boosting your Zero Defects Arsenal

The industry has been enjoying the fastest growth in the automotive market in the last 5+ years.  Semiconductors in automobiles are trending towards increased complexity with the rise of connectivity, smart functions and sophisticated safety devices.  This increasing device complexity poses challenges to the industry since it is also pushing the limits to manufacturability and defect detection. There are reports of alarming trends in electrical/electronic field failures that require attention. Stout, Risius and Ross reported a surge in the EWRs (Early Warning Reports) related to electricals in the last 10 years ending in 2014, see chart from the SRR report in Figure 1. EWRs are field incidents that may involve injury or death and are reported by carmakers to the NHTSA (National Highway and Transportation Safety Administration).  EWRs trigger investigations that could turn into recalls. In addition to the SRR report, a joint paper published by Taylor Johnson from the ... Read More »

The Thinker and the Shopper- Four Ways Cognitive Technologies Add Value to Consumer Products

Introduction Isabella was skeptical. Date night with her husband—the first in a long time—was four days away, and with the kids, dog, house, and a job, she had zero time to make it to the makeup counter at the mall. Using a smartphone to try on makeup? Really?! Well, here goes nothing, she thought. But after she downloaded the application with ease, Isabella found herself smiling as her selfie appeared with just one click. Her screen had just transformed— quite magically—into a makeup mirror! The experience was a little odd at first, but applying eye shadow virtually was a cinch, sans the mess of testers. Isabella appreciated having the leisure to find just the right shade of foundation for her uneven skin tone without being subjected to a hard sell from the counter girls. The hardest part was, ironically, the most fun: choosing between a coral or a tropical lipstick ... Read More »

CEO Interviews – Greg Waters, Integrated Device Technology

Greg Waters Integrated Device Technology: New Partnerships to Fuel Future Growth   Tell us about IDT – your vision and interests for the upcoming years.  Where do you see the company going? My vision is for IDT to continue on its path to becoming a world-class technology company, both fiscally and through our technology offerings. We have a great team that’s done a remarkable job of turning this company around over the past year, and I envision continued growth that will outpace the semiconductor industry for some time to come. We’ll do this by maintaining our fiscal discipline and expanding our portfolio of high-value semiconductors in targeted markets—markets where we can continue to build upon our areas of expertise and develop unique, differentiated products. Talk a bit about the culture you are fostering at IDT? Our mantra is “Grow.” I believe the best way to grow a company is by ... Read More »