DecaWave is an Irish fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Dublin.

DecaWave recently launched DW1000, a breakthrough Impulse Response Ultra Wide Band (IR-UWB) CMOS transceiver.   Based on the IEE 802.15.4-2011 standard, DW1000 enables precise distance measurement – indoors or outdoors – between radio nodes with better than 10 cm of accuracy, over ranges up to 250 m.

This breakthrough has opened up a wide range of new possibilities in the many markets and applications relying on accurate location and positioning.

These include:

Industrial – suppliers of Real Time Location Systems for factories, hospitals and warehouses have been among the first to implement our chip for next generation asset tracking systems, and to improve the efficiency of the supply chain. To enable those markets, DecaWave has also developed an RF module, DWM1000, making our technology easy to work with for our customers.

Automotive – DecaWave’s technology is also attracting great interest from the automotive industry.  Many applications requiring the physical proximity of 2 elements when they exchange data, like a key and a car for example, benefit from this capability – DecaWave’s unmatched accuracy and reliable distance measurement brings with it a new level of security.

Consumer – DecaWave’s unique indoor and accuracy capabilities, coupled with its tiny size and competitive price point makes it ideal for many consumer applications like connected homes, and the consumer industry is now also investigating new use cases made possible by our technology.

“By joining GSA, DecaWave was immediately at the heart of our industry, drawing from the expertise and experiences of others, while contributing to the entrepreneurship and innovation that drives the semiconductor industry forward.  We are honoured to participate, and delighted to contribute our insights to the collective pool of experience of our industry.”  – Ciaran Connell – CEO


  • Ciaran Connell – CEO
  • Michael McLaughlin – CTO and founder
  • William McFadden – COO
  • Mike Clancy – VP Worldwide Sales
  • Luc Darmon – VP Strategy and Business Development