San Jose, Calif. (May 26, 2022) – GfK (, a leading provider of consumer and market intelligence, analytics, and consulting services, is pleased to announce that they have become a member of Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA), the voice of the global semiconductor industry.

“We are excited to partner with GSA, where global leaders in the semiconductor industry collaborate and accelerate the industry growth.,” said Stefan Majid, Global Lead of GfK SIMA (Supply Chain & Industry Market Analytics). “GfK provides predictive analytics to support the decision-making of global leading companies in the semiconductor industry. We look forward to working with GSA to engage more with global industry leaders and contribute to the GSA community through GfK’s unique insights into the industry consumers and their demands.”.

GfK is an indispensable, trusted data, and analytics partner offering an unparalleled, always-on intelligence platform and consulting service globally for the consumer products industry. The company has been leading Data and Science innovation since 1934.

“We are very pleased to have GfK join the GSA,” said Jodi Shelton, co-founder and CEO of GSA. “GfK brings a wealth of industry knowledge to the Alliance and we look forward to their contributions to our industry events, interest groups and resources. As the GSA gains new members, we are ultimately supporting and enhancing the global semiconductor ecosystem.”

As a member of the GSA, GfK will benefit from the unique neutral platform provided for collaboration, where global executives may interface and innovate with peers, partners and customers to accelerate industry growth and maximize return on invested and intellectual capital.

About GfK

For over 85 years, GfK has earned the trust of clients around the world by supporting them in business-critical decision-making processes around consumers, markets, brands, and media. GfK’s reliable data and insights, together with advanced AI capabilities, have revolutionized access to real-time, actionable recommendations that drive marketing, sales and organizational effectiveness of our clients and partners. That’s how GfK promises and delivers Growth from Knowledge.

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Deepanjali Itkan

About GSA:
GSA is Where Leaders Meet to establish an efficient, profitable and sustainable high technology global ecosystem encompassing semiconductors, software, solutions, systems and services. A leading industry organization that represents 300+ corporate members on six continents, including more than 120 public companies, GSA provides a unique, neutral platform for collaboration, where global executives interface and innovate with peers, partners and customers to accelerate industry growth and maximize return on invested and intellectual capital. Members of the GSA represent 75 percent of the $500B+ semiconductor industry and continue to grow. For more information, visit Follow GSA on LinkedInFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and WeChat.

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Katie Olivier