SAN JOSE, Calif. (Dec. 6, 2019) – The Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) is proud to announce the award recipients honored at the 2019 GSA Awards Dinner Celebration that took place last evening in Santa Clara, Calif. For a quarter century, the GSA Awards have recognized the achievements of top performing semiconductor companies in several categories ranging from outstanding leadership to financial accomplishments, as well as overall respect within the industry.

Individual Awards:

Dr. Morris Chang Exemplary Leadership Award

The GSA’s most prestigious award recognizes individuals, such as its namesake, Dr. Morris Chang, for their exceptional contributions to drive the development, innovation, growth and long-term opportunities for the semiconductor industry. This year’s recipient is James C. Morgan, Chairman Emeritus of Applied Materials, Inc.

Rising Women of Influence Award

This award recognizes and profiles the next generation of women leaders in the semiconductor industry that are believed to be rising to top executive roles within their organizations. This year’s award was presented to Amber Huffman, Fellow and Chief Technologist for Data Center IP in the Silicon Engineering Group at Intel Corporation.


Company Awards:

Most Respected Semiconductor Companies

GSA members identified the winners in this category by casting ballots for the industry’s most respected companies, judged for their vision, technology and market leadership. Below are this year’s recipients:

Most Respected Public Semiconductor Company Achieving Greater than $5 Billion in Annual Sales

Most Respected Public Semiconductor Company Achieving $1 Billion to $5 Billion in Annual Sales

Most Respected Public Semiconductor Company Achieving $500 Million to $1 Billion in Annual Sales

Most Respected Emerging Public Semiconductor Company Achieving $100 Million to $500 Million in Annual Sales

Most Respected Private Company

Best Financially Managed Semiconductor Companies

These awards are derived from a broad evaluation of the financial health and performance of public semiconductor companies. Below are this year’s recipients:

Best Financially Managed Semiconductor Company Achieving up to $1 Billion in Annual Sales

Best Financially Managed Semiconductor Company Achieving Greater than $1 Billion in Annual Sales

Start-Up to Watch

GSA’s Private Awards Committee, comprised of successful executives, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, chose the winner by identifying a promising startup that has demonstrated the potential to positively change its market or the industry through innovation and market application. This year’s winner is SambaNova Systems.

As a global organization, the GSA recognizes outstanding companies headquartered in the Europe/Middle East/Africa and Asia-Pacific regions having a global impact and demonstrating a strong vision, portfolio and market leadership. Two awards were presented in this category:

Outstanding Asia-Pacific Semiconductor Company

Outstanding EMEA Semiconductor Company

Analyst Favorite Semiconductor Company

Two analyst pick awards were presented based on technology and financial performance as well as future projections:

This year’s ceremony was attended by close to 1,500 global executives in the semiconductor and technology industries.


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