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Samsung Foundry

Semiconductor Business Giheung Complex     San#24 Nongseo-Dong, Giheung-Gu     Gyeonggi-Do PA 17113 Korea
T 82-31-209-6024

General Information

  • Year Founded: 2017
  • Number of Employees: 13000

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Samsung Foundry has been providing top-notch technology solutions to support global fabless and IDM semiconductor companies. The company provides a full range of solutions including advanced process technology, design services, product proven intellectual property (IP), and test/packaging service.

Samsung Foundry offers deep expertise in process and design technologies as well as an excellent track record in high-volume manufacturing. The company offers multiple process technologies with a focus on leading-edge process technologies including 14nm, 10/8nm, 7/5/4nm EUV and 3nm GAA(Gate-All-Around). Also, specialty technologies are offered such as FDSOI, eFlash/eMRAM, and 8-inch technologies. For customer-friendly design infrastructure, the company launched SAFE (Samsung Advanced Foundry Ecosystem) ecosystem to ensure deep collaboration between Samsung Foundry, ecosystem partners, and customers to deliver competitive and robust chip designs.

Currently Samsung Foundry has four 300nm Fabs and one 200nm Fab in Korea and US, with a new EUV line expected to be in service in 2020. With over 30+ years of semiconductor manufacturing know-how, Samsung Foundry will take strong role as a pure-play foundry with the advance technology, deep understanding, and flawless supply chain management.

Fab Details
Fab Name: S1-Line
· Location: Giheung
· Technology: CMOS
· Geometry: 65nm-10nm
· Wafer Size: 12-INCH

Fab Name: S2-Line
· Location: Austin, TX
· Technology: CMOS
· Geometry: 65nm-14nm
· Wafer Size: 12-INCH

Fab Name: S3-Line
· Location: Hwaseong
· Technology: CMOS
· Geometry: 10nm/7nm
· Wafer Size: 12-INCH

Fab Name: S4-Line
· Location: Giheung
· Technology: CMOS
· Geometry: 65nm(CIS)
· Wafer Size: 12-INCH

Fab Name: 6-Line
· Location: Giheung
· Technology: CIS, PMIC, Discrete, DDI, eFlash
· Geometry: 180nm-65nm
· Wafer Size: 8-INCH

Product Info

Products / Services Offered

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  • Private

Key Management

  • Dr. E.S. Jung - President
  • Young Chang Bae - Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing
  • Jaehong Park - Executive Vice President, Design Platform Development
  • Sang Pil Sim - Senior Vice President, Foundry Manufacturing Technology
  • Dr. Jong Shik Yoon - Executive Vice President, Tech Development

Updated: 2019-01-07

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