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Spin Memory

45500 Northport Loop West     Fremont CA 94538 USA
T (510) 933-8200     F (510) 933-8201

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  • Year Founded: 2011
  • Number of Employees: 100

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Spin Memory (previously Spin Transfer Technologies) is developing spin-transfer torque (STT)-MRAM technologies and products that can replace SRAM and ultimately DRAM in both embedded and stand-alone applications. Spin Memory has developed breakthrough technologies in both magnetics and CMOS circuits and architectures that bring STT-MRAM to the next generation. The result: MRAM operating speeds matching those of SRAM cache memories or DRAM -- but with far lower cost, no leakage power and without the endurance and data retention limitations of other STT-MRAM implementations.

Spin Memory - with strategic partners Applied Materials and Arm - offers a full suite of MRAM technologies for both manufacturers and designers:

o Foundries and Memory Manufacturers can improve the speed and efficiency of their own existing MRAM offerings, or can procure an entire MRAM solution for RAM-replacement as well as NVM.
o Memory designers - both stand-alone and embedded - can achieve SRAM speed and endurance using the company's Endurance Engine and other advanced design capabilities.

End Market(s)

  • Computing

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Key Management

  • Tom Sparkman - CEO
  • Antoine Bruyns - CFO
  • Mustafa Pinarbasi - CTO & Senior VP, Magnetics Technology
  • Lester Crudele - Senior VP, IC Product Development
  • Dr. Amitay Levi - VP, Memory Integration
  • Jeff Lewis - Senior VP, Business Development
  • Adrian Ong - Vice President, Engineering
  • Andrew Walker - VP, Product
  • Steven Watts - Senior Director, Test

Updated: 2019-03-25

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