GSA conducts ongoing research and surveys, providing our members with a variety of valuable data. GSA produces a range of publications and reports that serve the semiconductor industry. Current reports are listed below.

Security in the IoT: McKinsey & Co. and GSA Report

“Security in the IoT” is the second study resulted from the ongoing collaboration between McKinsey & Company and the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA). It is an assessment of security-related challenges for semiconductor companies and the identification of opportunities for monetization on security features. The report focuses on 3 industry verticals: Automotive, Industrial, and Smart Buildings.

It is the result of a survey involving more than 100 industry experts, 30+ in-depth C-level executive interviews and monthly meetings of the GSA Steering Committee with ten C-level executives from major semiconductor players. The preliminary results of the study have been presented in a dedicated GSA executive conference on “Security in the IoT”, attended by over 70 industry executives on November 8, 2016 in Munich. The final results were presented during the GSA European Executive Forum, also in Munich, on April 4-5, 2017.

Charting a New Course for Semiconductors: Rambus and GSA Report

Rambus and the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) recently collaborated to explore the current market dynamics in the semiconductor industry. With numerous reports illustrating the slowing in sales and profits, companies have begun consolidating and re-shifting priorities and strategies. As we look at the future of the market, this report identifies several key factors and paths to monetization that will help shape our industry going forward.

With this report, there is great opportunity for the industry to come together to discuss and evaluate how each company can play an open, collaborative role in helping to chart a more sustainable course for the industry and beyond.

Internet of Things: McKinsey & Co. and GSA Report

McKinsey & Company and the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) recently collaborated to understand the implications of the Internet of Things (IOT) for the semiconductor industry and the economy as a whole. This effort was overseen by a steering committee of 11 senior executives from GSA member companies and McKinsey. It involved the following methods:

  • Interviewing 30 GSA members who were senior executives at semiconductor companies or at companies in adjacent industries that are part of the IOT ecosystem, such as network equipment and industrial automation
  • Surveying 229 semiconductor executives at GSA member companies
  • Assembling a fact base on the IOT, focusing on issues relevant to semiconductor companies.

Among other insights, we found that semiconductor companies are well positioned to help the IOT gain momentum, despite the obstacles ahead, provided that they embrace innovation and rethink their traditional business model.

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Internet of Things: Mapping the Value Beyond the Hype

The McKinsey Global Institute has also published a complementary study to quantify the Internet of Things’ market size and potential, after examining more than 150 applications across the global economy. The report also explores the conditions that need to be in place and obstacles that would need to be overcome for the Internet of Things to deliver its maximum impact.

3D IC Tour Guide

The 3D IC Tour Guide is a compilation of inputs from companies that have committed significant resources to developing 3D and 2.5D technology to accelerate market acceptance of this important paradigm shift.  The Tour Guide allows  readers to view the 3D IC capabilities of companies in the following categories:

  • Market Research Firms
  • Leading EDA Vendors
  • R&D Centers & Industry Organizations
  • Value Chain Producers

GSA Forum

As the industry’s premier publication, the GSA Forum delivers a combination of business, technology and financial news, as well as important industry trends and market forces that impact operations and product development throughout the semiconductor supply chain.

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IC Foundry Almanac

GSA and IC Insights have collaborated to produce a comprehensive guide to the global IC foundry market. This resource combines IC Insights’ analysis of market growth and capacity trends with GSA’s wafer pricing trends, comprehensive company tracking information and its global reach across semiconductor companies and the foundry sector. The report includes a foundry-segment analysis, five-year forecasts, wafer-pricing trends from outsourcing semiconductor suppliers and supplier-profile data.

RPX NPE Cost Study

The on-going NPE costs to our industry are staggering.  RPX, with the help of GSA members, have worked together to truly quantify these costs.  A preliminary study was conducted and the results are available for download here.