Reports & Surveys


Wafer Pricing & Assembly Reports

These reports provide quarterly pricing data for wafer, mask set, and outsourced assembly, via an online, interactive, query capability.  The user selects criteria of interest, resulting in a four-quarter table of weighted average, minimum, and maximum results.  These reports provide a very useful benchmark data set, allowing price trend analysis and cost estimation.   Report access is free to survey participants ($3,000 annual value).


JP Morgan/GSA Index of Leading Indicators

A monthly survey that gauges the overall temperature of the industry.  Only participating CEOs and CFOs will have access to the results each month.

Wafer Pricing & Assembly Surveys

The Wafer survey gathers data on prices  paid for wafers and mask sets by fabless integrated device manufacturers (IDM) companies. The data is collected confidentially and tabulated in aggregate.

The Assembly survey gathers data on prices paid by fabless and IDM companies  for outsourced assembly services.  The data is collected confidentially and tabulated in aggregate.