Product Presentation Promotion in Intelligent Life and Exhibition a Wide Range of Applications

As a leading professional microcontroller IC design house, Holtek Semiconductor’s Taiwan and Mainland China 2020 New Product Presentation events will take place between October 20 and November 17. The first seminar will take place on October 20 at the Grand Luxe Banquet, CTBC Financial Park in Taipei.

Holtek Semiconductor has many years of expertise designing IC solutions for an extensive range of applications including intelligent life, home security as well as many other application areas. This exhibition will focus on Holtek’s all-new IC/MCU solutions, such as 8/32-bit MCUs, wireless communication, security and safety, smart home appliances, touch key products, proximity sensing, health measurement, power management, motor control, digital sensor modules, STREAM (Science/Technology/Reading/Engineering/Arts/Mathematics) education applications, etc.

With the development of 5G communication and IoT applications, intelligent life is within easy reach of the population. At this exhibition, Holtek will exhibit a full range of intelligent life applications, including a range of fire protection products, such as temperature detectors, smoke detectors and gas detectors. Other items on display will include smart home appliances, proximity sensors and modules, 24-bit high-resolution ADCs, HCT glucose meters, IQ body fat scales, power management and charging products, BLDC motor applications, 2.4GHz/Sub-1GHz/NFC wireless communication modules, STREAM electronic musical instruments, creative toys, development platforms, RGB/TFT display applications and others. Additionally, many dynamic sensor module presentations will be provided for users to experience.

In addition to the Taipei venue, Holtek’s 2020 New Product Presentation will also take place in the following China locations, Shenzhen, Shunde, Xiamen and Chengdu. For the Beijing, Suzhou, Hangzhou and overseas events, the exhibition will be held in the form of online seminars. Holtek Semiconductor has unceasingly focused its energies in the advancement of new product development and skills innovation. All of Holtek device solutions are designed to assist customers to rapidly develop a wide range of intelligent application designs to allow speedy entry into these competitive product market areas.



盛群半導體深耕多年於智慧生活與居家安全防護應用領域,本年度新產品發表會將重點展示最新IC/MCU開發成果,相關主題包括8/32-bit MCU、無線通訊、安全防護、智慧家居、觸控產品、近接感應、健康與量測、電源管理、馬達控制、數位傳感器模組及STREAM教育應用等領域之全新IC產品與技術方案。

隨著5G通訊與物聯網應用的推展,智慧生活觸手可得,本年度新產品發表會將展示全方位智慧生活相關應用,包含各類型消防感溫 / 感煙 / 氣體偵測 / 安防報警、智慧家電應用、近接感應與模組、24-bit高精度ADC / HCT血糖儀 / IQ體脂秤、電源管理與充電產品、BLDC馬達控制應用、2.4GHz / Sub-1GHz / NFC無線通訊、STREAM電子樂器 / 創意玩具與開發平台、RGB/TFT顯示應用等,另有多項Sensor Module動態展示供來賓參考體驗。


HOLTEK Semiconductor 2020 New Product Presentation Promotion in Intelligent Life and Exhibition a Wide Range of Applications