As a leading professional microcontroller IC design house, Holtek Semiconductor will host its 2021 new product online presentations both in Taiwan and Mainland China between October 19 and November 2. With a focus on the areas of intelligent life and security protection, Holtek will demonstrate its all-new IC/MCU developments and introduce technologies and solutions in various product areas. Related subjects include 8/32-bit MCUs, wireless communication, security and safety, smart home appliances, contactless sensing, touch applications, health measurement, battery and power control, BLDC motor control, voice peripherals, and much more.

These presentations will showcase Holtek’s innovative embedded solutions and various end product applications that transpired during the past year. Among these are included security protection products such as different types of standalone CO detectors, PIR detectors, smart home appliance related development platforms, digital sensors, variable frequency air-conditioner control, single-tube low-power continuous heating induction cookers, contactless sensing applications such as 2nd generation IR proximity digital modules and relevant development platforms, health measurement such as reflectance oximeter modules, blood pressure watches, body fat & temperature watches, eight-electrode body fat scale modules, power management and charger products, BLDC motor and fan related applications, wireless communication applications such as BT5.2 BLE SoC modules, sub-1GHz modules, STREAM music creative applications and Apps, voice workshops as well as a host of other all-new product applications.

This year Holtek’s new product presentation event will take place live online six times for audiences in Taipei, South China, East China and North China areas. Holtek semiconductor provides a range of highly integrated products and solutions with excellent cost/performance ratios, enhanced security and richer user experience. These features combine to assist designers with their rapid product development for quick entry into the mass production stage, thus continuing to offer exceptional advantages for its customers and partners.

HOLTEK Semiconductor 2021 New Product Presentation - A view into intelligent life leading the future



專業微控制器IC設計領導廠商盛群半導體(HOLTEK)將於10月19日至11月2日於臺灣及大陸地區展開2021年新產品線上發表會,將展現盛群半導體深耕於智慧生活與安全防護應用領域的全新IC/MCU開發成果,相關發表主題包括: 8/32-bit MCU、無線通訊、安全防護、智慧家電、無線感測、觸控應用、健康與量測、電池及功率控制、BLDC馬達控制及語音週邊等產品領域之全新技術與應用方案。

本年度創新的嵌入式解決方案及各類終端產品如:安全防護包含各類型獨立型CO探測器/ PIR探測器、智慧家電相關開發平台/數位傳感器/變頻空調控制/單管低功率連續加熱電磁爐、無線感測應用如第二代IR近接感應數位模組及開發平台、健康與量測如反射式血氧模組/血壓手錶/體脂體温手錶/八電極體脂秤模組、電源管理與充電產品、BLDC馬達與風扇相關應用、BT5.2 BLE SoC 模組/Sub-1GHz模組等無線通訊應用、STREAM音樂創意應用與APPs/語音開發平台等全新產品應用可供參考。