LONDON (Jan. 18, 2022) – GSA is partnering with Future Horizons to bring members the IFS2022 Semiconductor Industry Market Forecast at a discount rate! Mention that you are a GSA Member and receive 40% off.

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Malcolm Penn, Chairman and CEO, stated, “The insights we have presented at our previous IFS events have consistently proved right. For example, we were the only analyst to correctly predict shortages and a minimum 18 per cent growth for 2021 and, despite taking a lot of heat at the time, events proved us right. We have developed a sound methodology, based on our analyses of the industry ecosystem and our interpretation of how these interact, using our 55 plus years of direct industry experience, longer than any other analyst and most industry execs. This gives us the confidence to take a contrarian view, when appropriate, back up by data and sound analytical process. As a result, our forecasts and analyses have consistently proved accurate. Find out what we believe is in store for the industry in 2022 by purchasing a PDF copy of the 33-slide webinar deck and a private link to the recorded presentation, including the Q&A session.”

View video highlights of the report here.