Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) would like to introduce our first interest group newsletter. Here, you will find information and upcoming events pertaining to our four interest groups: Artificial Intelligence, Automotive, Intellectual Property and Trusted IoT Ecosystem Security. If you would like to participate in any of these, please contact us via the email listed in the respective section.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The formation of the new AI Interest Group is underway, with a core focus on AI and Digital Transformation (DT). As a key first step in the formation of any of our Interest Groups, we conducted a survey to GSA members, as well as key applicable ecosystem players to capture feedback on the focus areas for the interest group. Continue Reading

To learn more about joining this group, contact ai@gsaglobal.org.

Every year or so, GSA and McKinsey consult with the EMEA Leadership Council and selected GSA members to pick an automotive-related topic to be developed as a GSA-McKinsey collaboration “project.” The project’s topic is chosen based on its importance to the automotive industry, as well as its relevance to the semiconductor ecosystem that supports it. Continue Reading

To learn more about joining this group, contact automotive@gsaglobal.org.


Intellectual Property (IP)
GSA has recently launched the Intellectual Property (IP) Interest Group to explore IP related topics and areas of interest to member companies and promote evolutionary concepts for the semiconductor industry. Continue Reading

To learn more about joining this group, contact ip@gsaglobal.org


Trusted IoT Ecosystem Security (TIES)
GSA has re-launched the IoT Security Interest Group as the Trusted IoT Ecosystem Security Group to address end-to-end issues in IoT Security across the value chain. It’s comprised of various IoT ecosystem security stakeholders including chipset vendors, ODMs, OEMs, platform companies, cloud vendors and service providers. TIES is a collaborative group of companies focusing on promoting secure and trusted chip-to-cloud solutions across the IoT value chain to maximize economic value.
 Continue Reading

To learn more about joining this group, contact Shungo Saito, ssaito@gsaglobal.org

  • April 8 | 8 a.m. US Pacific | Intellectual Property interest group meeting | ssaito@gsaglobal.org
  • May 10 | 7 a.m. US Pacific | Automotive Summit, Semiconductors in Autonomous Age | Sign up
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