Intrinsic ID, world’s leading provider of Physical Unclonable Function or PUF-based digital authentication technology for Internet of Things security and embedded applications, announces the availability of Apollo™ FPGA IP. Apollo is a “soft” PUF solution that enables Xilinx FPGA users to provide their FPGAs with a unique identity and to secure them on networks.

Security is a critical part of FPGA solutions, and FPGA providers have invested much effort e.g. into securing the bitstream. However, there is a need for a cryptographic solution for FPGAs beyond the bitstream, to secure user keys and user data and authenticate devices and communications between devices on user networks. Not only for new devices but also for devices already deployed in the field.

Apollo combines a Butterfly Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) with Intrinsic ID’s helper data algorithms. Butterfly shaped circuits are configured on the fabric of the FPGA to intrinsically generate the entropy needed for a strong hardware root of trust. Keys derived from Apollo are volatile and derived only when required providing a significant high security assurance. Since Apollo is part of the FPGA configuration file it is a “soft PUF” implementation and security functionality can be retrofitted on deployed devices, enabling remote “brownfield” installation of a hardware root of trust.

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Nathalie Bijnens
Instrinsic ID