Hsinchu, Taiwan – September 25, 2019 – M31 Technology (stock code: 6643), a global silicon intellectual property provider, announced its series of developments geared to optimized IP solutions for TSMC’s specialty processes. The development ultimate goal is to assist chip designers in achieving low power consumption, high performance, compact size, and place & route convenience.

“M31 Technology is actively engaged in the IP solution development on TSMC’s various technology platforms, especially the highly competitive process technologies of embedded flash (EF), high voltage (HV), and Bipolar CMOS-DMOS (BCD),”said HP Lin, Chairman of M31 Technology. “Ultimately These technology development will assist chip manufacturers in producing their products with greater integration and higher efficiency to meet the requirements of in demand products such as mobile, communication, automotive, IoT, display, etc.”

“We’re pleased with the result of our collaboration with M31 Technology in developing optimized IP solutions on TSMC specialty processes,” said Suk Lee, TSMC senior director, Design Infrastructure Management Division. “This collaborative effort combining M31’s advanced IP solutions with TSMC’s industry-leading specialty process technology enables our mutual customers to optimize their SoCs and achieve a successful balance between speed, area, and power consumption.”

M31 has developed SRAM Compiler, Standard Cell Library, and General Purpose Input/ Output Library (GPIO) based on TSMC’s specialty process developments. M31’s foundation IP solutions are suitable for TSMC’s specialty processes, covering 28EF, 40EF, 40EF_ULP, 40HV, 55EF, 55EF_ULP, 110HV, 90BCD, 130BCD, 180BCD, and more in the coming.

M31 Technology has been a member of TSMC IP Alliance Program since 2012 not to mention being honored in the year 2016 and 2018 TSMC “Partner of Specialty Process” award. This award is rigorously competitive and prestigious to receive amongst companies in the same category. M31 will continue to further invest in IP development and verification of TSMC process technology, to provide unique IP solutions to the global chip design community.

About M31 Technology
M31 Technology Corporation is a professional silicon intellectual property (IP) provider. The company was established in October, 2011. M31’s strength is in R&D and customer service. With substantial experiences in IP development, IC design and electronic design automation fields, M31 focuses on providing high-speed interface IP, memory compilers, standard cell library and ESD/IO library solutions. For more information please visit www.m31tech.com.

Shirley Hsu
M31 Technology