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Each GSA Membership must have a primary and a secondary company contact for managing your membership account.

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"Our company understands that signing up for GSA membership indicates an annual commitment for membership. We are obligated to pay membership dues as required to remain an active member and receive all privileges and benefits. It is also our obligation to communicate personnel changes to GSA as they relate to assigned account contacts and for billing purposes. We understand this membership is renewed automatically each year. At renewal GSA may request updated information reflected within this application. We understand if payment for dues becomes delinquent, our membership and all of its privileges and benefits will be suspended. We understand this obligation remains, even if our company is acquired, as the acquiring company will carry forward this obligation for the remainder of our annual membership term. We understand that cancellation of this membership must be submitted in writing to GSA and any dues remaining in our annual membership term will be payable to GSA. We understand that the terms of membership are subject to change and governing terms are listed on the GSA Web site"

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