Roviero, Inc., A leading Graph stream processing company is pleased to announce that they have become a member of Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA), the voice of the global semiconductor industry.

“We are delighted to become part of the GSA, the voice of the semiconductor industry. As a world leader in Graph stream processing products Roviero benefits from the abundance of executive leaders from across the semiconductor landscape who are part of this select group” said Deepak Mital, CEO, Roviero, Inc. “The network of thought leaders that GSA brings together, exposes Roviero to the stalwarts of the semiconductor industry who are creating the next generation of AI solutions of the future.”

Roviero, Inc. is a Silicon Valley based young innovator of CortiOne™ and CortiSoft™, a full stack AI IP solution that is scalable, programmable and leads the way in key performance metrics in comparison to the incumbent processor solutions. Roviero’s goal is to democratize AI and enabling a fast adoption by enabling a software first approach to processing. Our customers can achieve deployment in weeks rather than months with their custom networks and models, solving a major bottleneck in adoption with the performance, power and silicon area that they desire.

“We are very pleased to have Roviero join the GSA,” said Jodi Shelton, co-founder and CEO of GSA. “Roviero brings a wealth of industry knowledge to the Alliance and we look forward to their contributions to our industry events, interest groups and resources. As the GSA gains new members, we are ultimately supporting and enhancing the global semiconductor ecosystem.”

As a member of the GSA, Roviero will benefit from the unique neutral platform provided for collaboration, where global executives may interface and innovate with peers, partners and customers to accelerate industry growth and maximize return on invested and intellectual capital.


About Roviero, Inc.Roviero is a leading edge deep-tech company that has developed a full-stack AI compute solution that will enable a paradigm shift in compute. Roviero’s vision is to bring push-button compute abilities to all devices and enable them to be smart and intelligent. This will enable better user experience, be energy efficient, address safety and privacy concerns and together make life better for everyone.