Submitted by Riscure Over the past decade, the semiconductor space has expanded at exponential rates as embedded devices have quickly become a part of our ordinary life. As demand rises for smaller, more complex and efficient chips, so have the number of vulnerable devices and inherent security weaknesses.

At our upcoming Live Panel, “Security for the Second Wave of Semiconductors” we’re partnered with Tortuga Logic and Micron to compile the best in the business for a real-time discussion to address the Hardware Security Development Lifecycle from Pre to Post-Silicon. Join us as we explain how you can make intentional moves towards pre-silicon security, and expert insights on how to defend your chips against the remote, high-impact attack methods of 2021 from end-to-end.

We look forward to exploring these market-wide developments with you (the audience!) on April 22nd at 8am PST. Click the link here to reserve your seat today!