With the EW BrightSparks nomination deadline fast approaching (Friday 1 April), it is good highlight one of the judges who has been a mainstay of the Awards and a constant supporter: Graham Curren, the CEO of Sondrel, the specialist IC designers.

He has kindly supported EW BrightSparks since 2018 and we are delighted to have him on board once again as we resume – after one pandemic-paused year – highlighting the achievements of young engineers in the UK.

“It can be hard to really understand what a particular career choice will be like in reality,” Graham told us, “but EW BrightSparks does a brilliant job of showing people just how interesting, rewarding and challenging electronics can be. I am sure that it is playing a major role in attracting people to the industry.”

“I have met many BrightSparks over the years of being a judge and every one has been an inspirational role model.”