New Products Launch by UNISOC | 5G, IoT and AIoT, All at One Stop
Capture the Future Value of 5G – 2020 SoC Spring Online Press Conference Newsletter

UNISOCOn February 26, UNISOC, the leading global supplier of mobile communications chipsets and IoT chipsets, kicked off its ‘Spring Online Press Conference’ themed on “Capture the Future Value of 5G” in Shanghai. On the occasion, an array of groundbreaking products were unveiled.

At the conference, Steve Chu, CEO of UNISOC, introduced UNISOC’s business plans for three sectors – consumer electronics, industrial electronics, and IoT & connectivity. Besides the initiatives that UNISOC has led in 5G commercialization, Mr. Chu also highlighted company’s efforts in driving innovation and growth throughout the industrial chain by expanding technological portfolio and seeking strong ecosystem partnerships.

The online conference witnessed executives from the leading industry players including China Unicom, Hisense, China Mobile, TSMC, and Keysight. Together they shared insights on how to speed up the application of innovative 5G technologies, and further tap their industrial and commercial value.

Multiple 5G devices powered by UNISOC are coming to the market, accelerating 5G commercialization
The era of 5G for commercial use is drastically transforming China’s economic and social development and improving people’s lives. The year 2020 will see the commercialization of dozens of 5G devices built on UNISOC chipsets including China Unicom’s 5G CPE VN007 and Hisense 5G smartphone F50 that  debuted at the conference.

China Unicom 5G CPE VN007, the latest 5G commercial device co-developed by China Unicom and UNISOC, is built on IVY  V510. As the world’s first 5G VoNR CPE that supports both eSIM and physical SIM card, it offers consumers an optimal choice with low cost and high performance while shifting to a smart world where everything is connected.

During the conference, Hisense released its first 5G smartphone, F50 powered by UNISOC T7510 – a 5G solution consisting of UNISOC’s 5G Modem V510 and application processor T710. This marks as a major landmark in the decade old partnership between the two key players in 5G terminals and a milestone for promoting the commercialization of 5G mobile phones.

New 5G SoC for mobile devices – Tiger T7520 unveiled

UNISOC’s new 5G SoC mobile platform, TIGER  T7520 is another major achievement in the 5G sector., The 5G SoC promises   unmatched performance in six dimensions, including manufacturing process, communications, AI, multimedia, power consumption, and security.

Advanced 6nm EUV process technology: This process technology uses ultraviolet light with an extremely short wavelength of 13.5 nm which with an accuracy close to X-ray, provides an extremely high lithographic resolution and achieves a perfect balance between cost, performance and power consumption. Compared to the previous 7nm process, the 6nm process has an 18% improvement in density of transistors, which allows more transistors to be integrated per unit area and reduces power consumption by 8%, allowing the battery to last longer.

New low of power consumption: T7520 adopts UNISOC’s new-generation low-power consumption architecture and AI-based power regulation technology. Compared to the mobile platforms paired with a separate 5G modem, UNISOC T7520 is an all-around leader in power consumption for both light-load and heavy-load scenarios and delivers a power consumption reduction of up to 35% for some data business scenarios.

The world’s first 5G modem to support coverage enhancement for all scenarios: UNISOC T7520 modem supports 5G NR TDD+FDD carrier aggregation and uplink and downlink decoupling and can enhance coverage by more than 100%. UNISOC’s innovative 5G super transmitter technology can increase the uplink speed by up to 60% and very well meets demanding scenarios such as VR and 4K/8K ultra-high-resolution live streaming. T7520 further supports the Sub-6GHz band, NSA/SA dual-mode networking, and 2G through 5G networks. Under the SA mode, it provides a peak uplink speed of more than 3.25Gbps. In addition, it supports dual-SIM dual-5G and EPS Fall-back and VoNR high-resolution audio and video calls.

Powerful AI capabilities and limitless development potential: T7520 integrates a new-generation NPU with greatly improved performance and excellent energy efficiency. The energy efficiency (TOPS/W) in this modem is increased by more than 50% compared to the previous generation product. The innovative design is capable to better supportcomplex AI applications in high performance, low power consumption mode.

Comprehensively enhanced multimedia processing capabilities: T7520 is integrated with  UNISOC’s proprietary sixth-generation Vivimagic solution and second-generation FDR (Full Dynamic Range) technology, a dedicated AI accelerator, and upgraded four-core ISP architecture to provide an ultra-high resolution of 100MP and multi-camera processing capability. These together with leading image technologies from ACUTElogic, deliver exceptional image quality and unlimited video capture capabilities.

T7520 adopts a new-generation multicore display architecture and supports up to 120Hz of refresh rate. With omni-channel and all-format HDR rendering capabilities, multi-screen display can support up to 4K at HDR10+ quality. This allows the modem to substantially improve the user experience for high-frame-rate games, 5G UHD videos and AR/VR applications.

Integrated financial-level security: T7520 adopts UNISOC’s second-generation ‘Integrated Secure Element’ solution that integrates the financial level secure element into the SoC and provides higher security than embedded SE. It provides a 100% improvement in computing performance and supports computing-intensive security scenarios such as encrypted video calls. The SoC  also supports most of crypto algorithms and better scalability and offers a greater storage capacity capable of supporting more than 100 apps. Thanks to a high degree of integration, UNISOC T7520 significantly reduces the complexity of PCB design and also lowers the device design and manufacturing costs, providing customers with a more competitive solution.

“T7520 is built upon some of the world’s leading technologies, giving it a comprehensively enhanced performance at a new low of power consumption,” said Steve Chu, CEO of UNISOC. “It’s open and innovative architecture further demonstrates our commitment to join hands with partners to provide users with superior intelligent experiences.”


An array of signature IoT devices introduced to the market

In response to the 5G era, UNISOC has also highlighted its  plan in the field of IoT, with four milestone products released at the conference.

W307The Most Integrated 4G Children Watch Platform

UNISOC W307 is a 4G children’s watch platform with the highest integration around the world. Besides an ultra-long battery life of over 5 days, it also features a high-precision sub-meter positioning solution, and supports both 4G + Wi-Fi HD video calls and LTE/ WCDMA/ GSM. W307 is built on a highly integrated architecture, reducing its plate area by over 30% and board area by 20% compared with the previous generation.

UNISOC IVY 8910DM, the world’s first IoT wide area chip platform compliant with Cat.1bis

UNISOC announced the overseas debut of UNISOC IVY 8910DM, the world’s first IoT wide area chip platform that is compliant with Cat.1bis.The chip has filled the market blank worth billions between low-speed and high-speed IoT products. IVY 8910DM boasts four major features:

  1. It conforms to both LTE Cat.1bis and GSM
  2. It supports VoLTE + Multimedia + Bluetooth 4.2.
  3. Compared with Cat.4 module, it is 30% smaller in size, 20% lower in power consumption, and 30% lower in cost.
  4. It has completed field test and certification across 45 countries and 157 operators worldwide.

IVY V5663 – The New AIoT Solution with Powerful Computing Capability

IVY V5663 is UNISOC’s new AIoT solution that offers  five advantages – industry-leading technologies, powerful computing capability, security & reliability, rich sets of features, and ease of application development. It features an Arm Cortex-M33 dual-core processor architecture with operation frequency up to 460 MHz. Supporting both Wi-Fi 5 and BT5, two low-power connection technologies, the solution has been certified with the ARM PSA certification.

With Dhrystone performance of up to 2.68 DMIPS/MHz, V5663 is the most powerful ARM CM33 MCU with highest clock frequency worldwide, as well as both Wi-Fi 5 and BT5 connection supports. The solution has already become the first to achieve the ARM PSA Level 1 certification in China. And very soon it will become one of the first AIoT solutions to be certified by PSA Level 2in the world.

As a combination of an advanced open architecture, high-performance AI edge computing capabilities, and abundant development components, V5663 is aimed to address the three challenges posed by AIoT application scenarios – fragmentation, diversification, and data security. Ensuring lower development costs and a shorter development cycle, the solution  is hailed as an industry-wide one-stop solution for AIoT development.

With 5G bringing the future to the present, UNISOC is prepared to empower consumers with products of high quality, high technology and high value.