Shanghai, China – May 6, 2020 – UNISOC, the leading global supplier of mobile communications chipsets and IoT chipsets, announced today that it has upgraded its tablet portfolios to accelerate digital transformation. With them, UNISOC is delivering chipsets to premium, mainstream, and entry-level tablets. The portfolio is available in various price points allowing partners to design various tablets for a wide array of usage scenarios.

T710 and T7510 are both designed to deliver a premium use experience. Besides the high performance, low latency and seamless connection inherited from the 7 series, the two are also built on the UNISOC-proprietary image processing solution Vivimagic. With 4K codec, Vivimagic offers higher image quality, clearer image details, as well as a superb immersive experience in combination with the audio processing technology. Apart from a wealth of high-speed peripheral interfaces, the 7 series supports both 5G and 2.4G Wi-Fi connections, for faster transmission and higher security. The heterogeneous dual-core NPU has greatly improved AI computing power, boosting intelligent upgrades across a variety of scenarios covering industrial, commercial, healthcare, home, education and more.

In the mainstream, T618 and T310 boosts performance and gigabit-speed Internet connection, powerful GPU, 2K codec tailored for tablets, AI Adaptive eye protection, NPU, ISP, VDSP and other processing units… all work together to lay a technical foundation for high-performance and low-power AI applications.
SC9863A, SC9832E, and SC7731E are upgrading entry-level tablets with system performance, multi-channel data connections, HD audio/ video playback, AI scene recognition, and the 5G Wi-Fi enabling faster transmission of larger data streams. These features have set up a new benchmark for entry-level tablets. Meeting increasing demand from live streaming driven by home office and online education, UNISOC is prepared to boost tablets’ performance for an upgraded user experience.



上海,中国 –2020年5月6日– 全球领先的移动通信及物联网核心芯片供应商紫光展锐今日宣布,面向平板这一日益增长的消费品类需求,已扩展并充分优化了虎贲移动平台,为广大消费者打造了面向旗舰体验、性能先锋和普及优选三个价位段的产品组合。

虎贲T7510 和虎贲T710致力打造旗舰体验,充分利用虎贲7系列提供的高性能、低时延和无缝切换的连接能力,基于展锐影像引擎整体方案Vivimagic的4K编解码技术,可提供更高画质、更清晰细腻的影像细节,结合音频处理技术,将带来无比精彩的影音体验。7系列提供了丰富的高速外设接口,多路数据并发Perfelink技术,提高数据的传输速率,为用户带来无感知的网络切换。异构双核架构NPU的采用,使AI算力大幅提升,为工业、商业、医疗、家居、教育等应用场景带来智能化升级。


SC9863A、SC9832E和SC7731E平台等普及优选系列带来了流畅的性能、多路数据并发、高清影音播放、AI场景识别,以及具有更高传输速度的5G Wi-Fi,这些技术特性为普及型平板品类树立了全新技术标准。尤其面对居家办公、在线教育等直播类应用的兴起,大大提高了计算性能,带来更好的智能体验。