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The scope of the project included the following:
• Discovery and survey of all 400+ nodes across the US and Asia Pacific regions to prepare for the migration
• Pilot assessment and migration of 94 instances
• Assessment and migration of remaining target nodes, post validation of the pilot
• Migration of over 2 Petabytes of NFS Storage
• Exiting Wipro’s data centers in Bangalore by August 2019, once GCP was operational for eSilicon

eSilicon, headquartered in San Jose, California, is an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) developer, designing and producing high-end semiconductors. It serves the high-bandwidth networking, high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, and 5G infrastructure markets. Its customers include Fortune 500 OEMs, with global operations and multiple worldwide locations. The industry experiences large compute /storage variability (2x – 4x increase in compute and storage demand during peak times) and even a hybrid cloud delivery model did not meet eSilicon’s elasticity requirements related to its
ambition to provide faster time to market. eSilicon wanted its infrastructure to be more agile in order to respond to changing customer demands. Cloud is the best way to address these elastic/unpredictable requirements. But five years ago, cloud technology was not technically and commercially viable, so eSilicon signed a data-center-as-a-service agreement with Wipro and expanded its compute capability by 20x. About two years ago, one of the chips required
about 2x more compute than what they had with Wipro and that is what triggered eSilicon to seriously look at Google Cloud. eSilicon wanted to move all of its ASIC and IP design to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and was looking for a partner who understood their industry and also held a strategic partnership
with Google Cloud.

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