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The Women’s Leadership Initiative is comprised of several committees whose purpose is to establish and develop strategies, metrics, programs and projects intended to drive toward the goals that women are an integral part of the leadership in the semiconductor industry, that STEM-focused women are attracted to the industry and that female-led start-ups find capital to fund their enterprises.

The Entrepreneurial Program Committee is developing our strategy for how to support female entrepreneurs in the semiconductor industry.

“In 2017, only 17% of startups have a female founder” (Read more)

Entrepreneur Questionnaire

Providing guidance to female entrepreneurs is imperative to increase the number of female-led start-ups. As such we are requesting your input to advise women wishing to enter or increase their presence in the semiconductor industry. Your photo and answers will be highlighted in the WLI section of the GSA website to inspire other women.

Please fill out the Entrepreneur Questionnaire here.

U.S. female-founded startups raised just 2.2 percent of venture capital investment in 2018 (Read more)
Less than 10 percent of decision-makers at VC firms are women and 74 percent of U.S. VC firms have zero female investors (Read more)

Investor/Venture Capital Questionnaire

To support those searching for funding the GSA WLI is curating a list of investors/venture capitalists who are interested in supplying backing to female-led start-ups. If your company specifically devotes assets to women entrepreneurs we would like to add your information.

Please fill out the Investor/VC Questionnaire here.

For additional information on the GSA Women’s Leadership Initiative, contact Traci Brandon.