We appreciate your ongoing support of GSA’s Women’s Leadership Initiative! Our goal is to make sure we are engaging with companies to get your employees involved in WLI. You will find areas of participation below. Please expand each section to learn more how you can get involved. If you have any questions or would like to have someone on your team meet with our internal WLI team, please email wli@gsaglobal.org.


Sponsorship is one of the most direct ways to support our Women’s Leadership Initiative and women in the semiconductor ecosystem. We offer a number of sponsorship tiers for companies of all sizes to participate. Please contact wli@gsaglobal.org to schedule a time to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

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WLI recognizes that we have room to not only improve, but the opportunity to greatly increase the gender representation in our in our industry. In support of this goal, we created a CEO Pledge and requested that our industry leaders stand with us to make a substantial impact on the recruitment, retention, and advancement of women in our industry. Send the pledge below to your CEO, and email marketing@gsaglobal.org to add their name and your company to the growing list of participants.

GSA Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) Pledge

In mirroring the GSA WLI vision of significantly increasing the number of women in leadership roles in the industry and the number of STEM-focused female candidates joining the industry, I commit to being a part of the solution to increase female representation and inclusion through:


  • Commit to prioritizing gender diversity and gender pay parity, starting at the C-suite and permeating through the entire organization, by reviewing gender pay equity and representation data, assessing (measuring and critiquing) current recruiting, hiring, interviewing, and training (i.e. unconscious bias) strategies to attract and grow female talent.


  • Commit to creating an inclusive culture, free from biases, that enables women to contribute their maximum potential by fostering a workplace that promotes work-life balance through transparent, contemporary practices and policies for a flexible career path.


  • Commit to the professional development of women by offering dedicated opportunities through internal or external affiliations, training, recognition, speaking engagements, and participation in advisory groups.


  • Commit to creating advancement opportunities through sponsorship and set meaningful performance objectives that give women opportunities for promotion and career progression. Measure and track male/female promotion ratio and correct based on progress made by the company.
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Our committees develop programming and projects to support WLI goals. Joining a committee is a great way to impact the way WLI elevates women in the industry. Please email wli@gsagloal.org to join one of our five committees.

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Our WLI Visibility Campaign showcases inspirational women in the semiconductor industry on our WLI social channels: Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook. Any woman in any role (non-tech or tech) can participate. Send the following to marketing@gsaglobal.org to submit women at your company to be featured:

  • Photo of the woman being featured: This can be a headshot, a picture of her working in the industry, or a photo from outside of work – whatever shows us who she is!
  • Her story: Tell us what brought her to the semi-industry, what she loves most about her work, or her proudest accomplishment.
  • Her social handles (optional): If she would like to be tagged in the post on our platforms, please include where her profiles can be found.

Our Speakers Bureau is a database of women with any level of expertise on business trends, market drivers, and technical issues in the industry. GSA references for internal events and companies refer to the Bureau to pull female speakers for various events across the semi ecosystem. Please encourage women at your company to participate by filling in and distributing the email below.

Dear XX,

I want to make you aware of two female-focused visibility and leadership opportunities that the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) has introduced as part of its commitment to increase gender representation in the industry:

The goal of WLI’s Speakers Bureau is to offer a comprehensive database of women speakers for GSA and its members to contact on a variety of subjects including business trends, market drivers and technical issues. Whether a novice or expert, all women in the industry are encouraged to participate. If you are interested in participating or know someone who would like to contribute, please access and fill out the WLI Speakers Bureau form here.

In addition, GSA WLI has developed a sortable database of exceptional women in private and publicly held semiconductor industry companies. This WLI Women’s Directory highlights key females within the industry – leaders, rising leaders and women entering the field – providing their biographies and links to their LinkedIn pages where available. WLI has recently introduced functionality to the Women’s Directory for those who are interested in applying for board positions.  The Women’s Directory offers an easy-to-use interface to upload a separate board biography. Once uploaded, a “BOD Ready” button will appear on the woman’s directory profile page. With many companies requiring board diversity, we feel this addition is an incredible opportunity for women in the industry and companies seeking more diverse gender representation to find one another.

Any questions regarding either of these opportunities can be directed to GSA WLI at wli@gsaglobal.org.

Thanks for your consideration and ongoing support!

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In order to connect incoming female professionals with opportunities in the industry, we’ve created a job and internship portal for companies to promote open positions. To list your company, please email wli@gsaglobal.org with the following information:

  • Company name & description
  • Careers page url
  • Internships page url
  • Contact information (optional)
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Each year, WLI conducts a Women in the Semiconductor Industry survey in partnership with Accenture to benchmark our efforts. Participating in the survey helps provide us with data-driven insight about the advancement of women in our industry. To be included in future surveys, please reach out to wli@gsaglobal.org.

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We appreciate your continued support of WLI. If you have any questions, suggestions, or would like to get more involved contact wli@gsaglobal.org.