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Management Team Responsibilities
Jodi Shelton
Oversees the direction and activities of GSA. Works with and through the GSA Board of Directors on key industry issues and serves as a critical spokesperson for the fabless business model, the association and relevant data and trends for the semiconductor industry.
Wade Giles
Vice President
Responsible for operations and program development in North America.
Sandro Grigolli
EMEA Executive Director
Oversees the activities of GSA’s EMEA region and works with the GSA EMEA Leadership Council on key initiatives affecting the EMEA region.
Dr. Jeremy Wang
Asia-Pacific Executive Director
Oversees the activities of GSA’s APAC region and works with the GSA APAC Leadership Council on key initiatives affecting the APAC region.
Staff Responsibilities
Kate Olsen
Member Relations Manager
Responsible for recruitment and retention efforts of North America membership base.
Traci Brandon
Membership Retention Coordinator
Responsible for coordinating the communication efforts of new and existing members.
Lucy Liao
Sr. Manager, Membership APAC
Responsible for member service coordination in the Asia-Pacific region. Assists with regional membership management, Taipei office administration and database maintenance.
Susan Jackson
Corporate Marketing
Responsible for all corporate branding and messaging. Manages all marketing projects, barters, alliances, public relations and communications for GSA global initiatives and activities including events, reports, tools and publications. Manages web site content, global media relations and creative/design elements including electronic and print campaigns, advertising initiatives and on-site production.
Amber Mo
Director, Membership & Alliances, APAC Region
Responsible for marketing, PR, events, alliances and membership in the Asia-Pacific region. Manages regional marketing projects and communications for GSA initiatives including AP events, reports, tools and publications. Manages regional PR projects including media relationship maintenance, AP member relations and various research projects.
Jessica Alexander
Senior Analyst
Responsible for global data collection and reporting. Responsible for GSA reports, including the GSA Market Watch, Global Semiconductor Financial Tracker, Current Economic Monitor, IC Foundry Almanac, JP Morgan/GSA Semiconductor Index of Leading Indicators, and management of Dan Niles’ Quarterly Economic Review.
Harrison Beasley
Director of Technology
Responsible for 3D IC, MEMS, AMS, IP, Quality, and MOS-AK/GSA Modeling Working Groups. Manages Supply Chain working group and Wafer & Assembly Pricing Survey. Responsible for event program development.
Autumn Laskey
Director, Business Intelligence and Information
Manages the GSA database team’s operations, including system development, quality control, business process management, reporting and analytics and database administration.
Power Chi
Director, Events & IT, APAC
Responsible for events, IT and membership in the Asia-Pacific region. Role includes event logistics and relationships, managing sponsors and associations, marketing management for events, reports, tools and publications, database management and member relations with suppliers.
Hayley Warmack
Events Manager
Oversees logistics and exhibitions for GSA events in North America and the EMEA regions.
Scott Strittmatter, CPA Agent of Record, Regulatory Compliance
Amy Liao
Director, Finance & Administration
Manages all finance, accounting and office administration for the Asia-Pacific region.
Amanda Paddock
Director of Accounting
Manages all finance, accounting and office administration for the North America and EMEA regions.
Crystal Wang
Sr. Manager of Project Management
Manages member relations in the Taiwan, China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and others. Manages GSA AP events including symposiums and activities to promote activities to new AP markets. Manages relationship with AP Leadership Council and other regional VIPs.
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