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GSA is Where Leaders Meet to establish a profitable and sustainable semiconductor ecosystem.  This expanding ecosystem encompasses semiconductors, software, solutions, systems and services.  As a leading semiconductor and technology industry organization, we offer an efficient and strategic platform for thought leadership.

GSA has an impressive global footprint representing over 25 countries and 250 corporate members, including 100 public companies.  As a result of our unique, neutral platform, our membership ranges from the most exciting, emerging companies to semiconductor industry stalwarts and technology leaders.  Our members now represent 70% of the $450B plus semiconductor industry.

GSA Thought Leadership
GSA Global Collaboration

Global Collaboration

The GSA provides a unique, neutral platform for collaboration. Much of this collaboration occurs at curated events, where global executives interface and innovate with peers, partners and customers.  This collaboration between industry executives not only accelerates industry growth, while utilizing GSA’s platform maximizes return on invested and intellectual capital.

GSA members also have access to a valuable repository of resources, including market research and analytics.  Not only do these resources include semiconductor industry financial reports and analysis, company data, and industry surveys, members will also find a wide variety of semiconductor technology and market reports.

GSA Curated Events

The GSA hosts curated events that span a broad array of semiconductor technologies and markets.  In addition to hosting both regional and global events, GSA offers events in a variety of formats.  These formats include executive forums, technical workshops, and leadership networking events.

GSA events provide opportunities to share best practices and gain precious visibility into new opportunities.  Most importantly, these events allow our members to demonstrate thought leadership, engage in thought exchange with peers, and remain up to date on the industry.

GSA Curated Events

GSA Champions the Industry

Above all, the GSA is an industry champion dedicated to increasing public awareness about semiconductors.  The critical importance and global economic impact of the semiconductor industry on our society is significant, however, it is often under-appreciated by the general public.

For this reason, the GSA launched a Semis Matter initiative and website (  The Semismatter website houses a comprehensive study of the semiconductor industry.  Additionally, it promotes the semiconductor industry’s $7 trillion contribution to the global economy and its value to humanity.  Please take some time to visit Semismatter and share it with others.

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