Internet of Things

McKinsey & Company and GSA recently collaborated to understand the implications of the Internet of Things (IoT) for the semiconductor industry and the economy as a whole. This effort was overseen by a steering committee of 11 senior executives from GSA member companies and McKinsey.

Security in the IoT

“Security in the IoT” is the second study resulting from the ongoing collaboration between McKinsey & Company and the GSA. The report focuses on three industry verticals:  Automotive, Industrial and Smart Buildings.

Charting a New Course for Semiconductors – Rambus and GSA Report

Rambus and the GSA collaborated to explore the current market dynamics in the semiconductor industry. With numerous reports illustrating the slowing in sales and profits, companies have begun consolidating and re-shifting priorities and strategies.

Monetizing Semiconductors: From Silicon to Services – Rambus and GSA Report

In 2016, Rambus published a think piece titled “Charting a New Course for Semiconductors.” The paper explored a diverse range of challenges faced by the industry, including increasing development costs, shrinking margins, market saturation and accelerating M&A activity. These challenges have only become more pronounced in 2018, as the newly consolidated semiconductor industry actively seeks a return to stability and organic growth within a viable and collaborative business paradigm.