Integrated Insights and GSA connected with over 130 semiconductor industry leaders from across the US, Europe, Mainland China, Taiwan, and other regions to understand their perspectives on the long-term trajectory of our industry. The results highlight an optimistic industry that is laser-focused on “winning” artificial intelligence, while showing deep concern about the negative impact of geopolitics, including:

  • Moving fast and slow: AI, geopolitics and the strategic conundrum

  • Our optimistic industry

  • The “love-hate” relationship with government policies

  • Views on technology competition between nations

  • Potential blind spot: the “home court” bias

  • New playbook: strategic moves and priorities

While different companies will take different approaches to these trends, nearly all respondents indicate that they can no longer perform “business as usual”; they will need strategic transformation for continued success. Explore the report highlighting the complexities of these challenges.