2022 WISH Conference Recap

WISH, the biggest WLI event of WISH, the biggest WLI event of the year, brings together industry luminaries, technology leaders, entrepreneurs and university students in STEM to recognize and demonstrate women’s technical prowess in the semiconductor ecosystem and Read More

EdgeCortix Joins the Global Semiconductor Alliance

San Jose, Calif. (August 18, 2022) – EdgeCortix®, the innovative fabless semiconductor design company with a software first approach, focused on delivering class-leading compute efficiency and latency for edge artificial intelligence (AI) inference is pleased to announce that Read More

Veriest Joins the Global Semiconductor Alliance

Veriest Joins the Global Semiconductor Alliance   San Jose, Calif. (July 1st, 2022) – Veriest Solutions, a leading international Full-flow ASIC services company, is pleased to announce that they have become a member of Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA), Read More

Member Spotlight

BrainChip – Learning How To Learn

In 1990, Carver Mead observed that neuromorphic compute architectures are often many orders of magnitude more effective than conventional systems. Indeed, the semiconductor industry has long struggled to bypass Von Neumann ottlenecks, recalibrate Moore’s Law, and...

BrainChip – Designing Smarter Safer Cars

Conventional AI silicon and cloud-centric inference models do not perform efficiently at the automotive edge. As many semiconductor companies have already realized, latency and power are two primary issues...


Sharing Datasets for Cybersecurity

Raghu Kondapalli, Vice President of Architecture, Axiado Corporation Gopi Sirineni, President & CEO, Axiado Corporation This year, the worldwide security spending exceeded $300 billion. While many attacks stem from hostile inside collaborators or accidental publishing of valuable data, the great majority of the breaches result from inadequate security measures. These attacks can be avoided.

The Challenges to Achieve Level 4/Level 5 Autonomous Driving

Jan Patnzar Vice President of Sales and Marketing VSORA Lauro Rizzatti Consultant The path to achieve fully autonomous driving (AD) progresses through five levels of increasing automation, as codified by the Society of Automobile Engineers (SAE) in 2014 under Standard J3016. It starts with L1 or basic driver assistance, and Read More

Member Testimonials

GSA offers a very unique opportunity for all of us to get together…to share our experiences as well as gain our intellectual capacity based on the collective wisdom of the community.

Dr. Tien Wu, CEO, ISE Labs and COO & Director, ASE Group

There are many associations that you can be a member of, but [GSA] stands out. GSA provides a fabulous place to bring the top people together of the semiconductor industry to learn, to find out about the statistics, but also to interact directly with the people that really make a difference. From that perspective, GSA is just a fabulous organization.

Dr. Aart de Geus, Chairman & Co-CEO, Synopsys, Inc.

GSA is the only organization that represents the entire supply chain [of the industry].

Rick Cassidy, Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy Office, TSMC
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