Identity in IoT – Imagination Technologies and GSA


Paper Submitted by Marc Canel, Vice President of Strategy - Security, Imagination Technologies The world of the Internet of Things (IoT) is characterized by a very large number of devices extracting data from their operational environment and reporting information to analytics systems in their network or in the cloud. These Read More

Autonomous Driving and Sensor Fusion SoCs


Paper Submitted by Thomas Wong, Director of Marketing, Automotive Segment, Design IP Group, Cadence Automotive Market Trends In 2016, McKinsey published a report (“Automotive revolution—perspective towards 2030”, McKinsey & Company, January 2016) outlining their perspective of automotive trends through 2030. They described four distinct trends that will drive the automotive Read More

Budgeting for Hardware Emulation Platforms


Paper Submitted by Lauro Rizzatti, Verification Expert, Rizzatti Hardware emulation is a strategically essential ingredient of a verification flow used in a broad range of applications. It’s also an expensive line item in a yearly budget because of a variety of factors including acquisition cost and expenses to keep it Read More

The Emergence of Verification 3.0


Paper Submitted by David Kelf, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Breker Verification Systems Announcements about new semiconductor applications for artificial intelligence and automotive electronics are welcome news for the semiconductor industry, driving new end-user opportunities. Naturally, these bigger, more powerful chips require formidable, robust verification methodologies. Traditional simulation-based verification Read More

Opposites Attract: IP Standardization vs. Customization


Paper Submitted by Dr. Carlos Macian, Senior Director AI Strategy & Products, eSilicon Corporation Have you had a look lately at an autonomous driving SoC? Have you noticed, besides the cool machine learning stuff, the grocery list of third-party IP that goes into it? It is a long, long list, Read More

Shining a Light on Ray Tracing


| Paper Submitted by Imagination Technologies | Shining a light on ray tracing For anyone who knows anything about real-time 3D graphics, something truly exciting is taking place in the industry right now: the proliferation of real-time ray tracing. Often described as the ‘holy grail’ of computer graphics, ray tracing Read More

“ASIC 2020” – ASIC and ASIC Success Redefined


| Paper Submitted by Jack Harding, president and CEO, eSilicon | Introduction A major shift in the application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) market has occurred over the past five years. The forces at play are most evident at the top end of the market, but they will impact the entire customer Read More

Chiplets: Open Market or Joint Venture?


| Paper Submitted by Dr. Carlos Macian, Senior Director AI Strategy & Products, eSilicon Corporation | “Chiplet” has become a buzzword and like most of its kind, the success of the buzzword predates the widespread availability of the product by a large margin. However, this is such a conceptually sound Read More

Verification Challenges for RISC-V Adoption


| Paper Submitted by Tom Anderson, Technical Marketing Consultant, OneSpin Solutions | Just a few years ago, the idea of an open-specification processor architecture with open-source implementations available would have been dismissed by many. Modern processor designs are highly complex, with such advanced features as multi-stage pipelines, multi-level caches, out-of-order Read More

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CEO Interview – Faraj Aalaei


Faraj Aalaei, CEO of Aquantia GSA sat down with the CEO of Aquantia and 32-year industry veteran, Faraj Aalaei, to discuss his growing company. We discussed his insights into their numerous rounds of funding and how to successfully contribute to the ‘big data’ trend in the semiconductor industry.     1. Aquantia received numerous awards last Read More

CEO Interview – Dan Glotter, Optimal+


Dan Glotter, CEO, Optimal+ 1. What was the inspiration for founding Optimal+? My concept for Optimal+ started while I was working at Intel. I was working in wafer manufacturing and decided to move into test operations. What was most surprising to me was the level of automation, tools and methodologies that were Read More

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