Industry’s first debut of PUF-USIM chip


Written by Teddy Kyung Lee | CSO | ICTK Holdings 1. Introduction  Recently the world-first product of PUF-USIM card is commercially debuted by the telecom giant, LG Uplus from Korea, and the security solution company, ICTK Holdings [1] (Figure 1). The PUF-USIM is the perfect combination of two technologies Read More

Edge AI Computing Advancements Driving Autonomous Vehicle Potential


Written by Manouchehr Rafie, Ph.D.  | CEO | Gryfalcon Large numbers of sensors, massive amounts of data, ever-increasing computing power, real-time operation and security concerns required for autonomous vehicles are driving the core of computation from the cloud to the edge of the network. Autonomous vehicles are constantly sensing and Read More

Autonomous Vehicles and AI Chip Innovation


Written by Manouchehr Rafie, Ph.D.  | CEO | Gryfalcon Autonomous Vehicles and AI Chip Innovation Convergence of Edge Computing, Machine Vision and 5G-Connected Vehicles Today’s societies are becoming ever more multimedia-centric, data-dependent, and automated. Autonomous systems are hitting our roads, oceans, and air space. Automation, analysis, and intelligence are moving Read More

A Systematic Approach to Verification & Validation Using Hardware-Assisted Verification


Jean-Marie Brunet | Senior Director of Marketing, Product Management and Product Engineering | Siemens EDA A Systematic Approach to Verification and Validation Using Hardware-Assisted Verification Success in the semiconductor industry today is defined by software performance. Meeting hardware (IC) specs is now only one of four mandatory criteria to meet the Read More

On Deck for the Semiconductor Industry: Managing the Conflicts of Global Disruption vs Time To Market


Written by Srini Chinamilli | CEO | Tessolve On Deck for the Semiconductor Industry: Managing the Conflicts of Global Disruption vs Time To Market The Covid-19 pandemic caused havoc with the world economy as it ravaged the world population. While the semiconductor industry survived reasonably well, the industry was not Read More

An Explosion of Design through the Open-Source Silicon Success


Written by Lucio Lanza | Managing Partner | Lanza techVentures Many industry pundits contend the Internet of Things (IoT) has all the makings of becoming the next driver of semiconductor industry growth fueled by trillions (yes, trillions!) of smart, connected sensors. These sensors will be able to analyze data at Read More

CBDC Wallets and the Security Requirements


Written by Teddy Kyung Lee | CTO | ICTK 1.  CBDC is different from Cryptocurrency  CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) is a digital currency issued and controlled by Central bank. It is “paperless” fiat money in digital form. The CBDC is not the same as Cryptocurrency. They are both digital currencies, but not Read More

New etch resistant coating, cleaning and refurbishment services


Written by Paul Cuddyer | Director of Sales | Technetics | Abstract Technetics Group’s novel thin film coatings provide a fully dense, non-porous, etch resistant uniform coating that can be used to extend the life of process chamber components, reduce particle levels within a chamber, or “cap and seal” Electrostatic Read More

Market Trends and Hardware Assisted Verification


Executive Interview with Ravi Subramanian, SVP & GM of the IC Verification Solutions, Siemens EDA In this interview with Ravi Subramanian, he identifies the latest semiconductor trends, as well as what’s driving those trends, how they are affecting chip design and functional verification and why he is bullish on hardware-assisted Read More

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CEO Interview – Gopi Sirineni, Axiado Corporation


Gopi Sirineni | CEO | Axiado Corporation Gopi Sirineni is the thrill-seeking CEO of Axiado, an A.I.-driven cybersecurity processor company headquartered in Silicon Valley. As evidenced by his successful career in high tech, Sirineni is constantly seeking innovation and chasing to forge new markets. He can grow ambitious projects into successes Read More

CEO Interview – Scott White, PragmatIC Semiconductor


Scott White | CEO | PragmatIC Semiconductor Scott White, CEO at PragmatIC Semiconductor, has often been referred to as a serial entrepreneur. Not surprising really since in addition to PragmatIC, a pioneering flexible electronics company headquartered in Cambridge, UK, he has built and sold five other technology businesses, living and Read More

CEO Interview – Roy Jewell, Palma Ceia


Roy Jewell | Founder and CEO | Palma Ceia SemiDesign Life often comes full circle. The same can be said of careers. And that’s been the case for Roy Jewell, founder and CEO of Palma Ceia SemiDesign, an up-and-coming startup to watch. He began his professional life at one of Read More

CEO Interview – Amin Shokrollahi, Kandou


Amin Shokrollahi | Founder and CEO | Kandou Amin Shokrollahi is CEO and founder of Kandou from Lausanne, Switzerland, one of our newest members and a company developing high-speed, energy efficient, chip-to-chip link solutions. In other words, Kandou keeps consumers connected. A featured speaker at the recent GSA Entrepreneurial Conference, Read More

CEO Interviews – Tim Ramsdale, Agile Analog


Third-party analog IP: why the market functions poorly for customers and suppliers – and how to fix it   Tim Ramsdale | CEO | Agile Analog     GSA Forum has been in virtual conversation with Tim Ramsdale, CEO of Agile Analog, a Cambridge, UK-based supplier of analog IP which Read More

CEO Interviews – Pim Tuyls, Intrinsic ID


Pim Tuyls | CEO and Founder | Intrinsic ID     Summary With rise of the internet of things (IoT), IoT-related security issues have also risen. Several high-profile breaches of IoT devices has made it clear that security needs to be embedded in chip hardware, protecting each endpoint. To make Read More

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