CBDC Wallets and the Security Requirements


Written by Teddy Kyung Lee | CTO | ICTK 1.  CBDC is different from Cryptocurrency  CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) is a digital currency issued and controlled by Central bank. It is “paperless” fiat money in digital form. Read More

Accelerating AI-Defined Cars


Convergence of Edge Computing, Machine Vision and 5G-Connected Vehicles Manouchehr Rafie, Ph.D., VP of Advanced Technologies, AI Chips & Algorithms, Gyrfalcon Technology Today’s societies are becoming ever more multimedia-centric, data-dependent, and automated. Autonomous systems are hitting Read More

The Future of Chip Design


Paper Submitted by Bipul Talukdar, Director of Applications Engineering in North America, SmartDV   The future of chip design in a few short years could look entirely different as the semiconductor industry witnesses an advancing trend Read More

The Price We Pay for Faults


Paper Submitted by Marc Witteman, CEO, Riscure   Abstract Hardware Fault Attacks can break software security by revealing secrets during program execution, or changing the behaviour of a program. Without profound knowledge of these attacks, it Read More

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CEO Interview – Faraj Aalaei


Faraj Aalaei, CEO of Aquantia GSA sat down with the CEO of Aquantia and 32-year industry veteran, Faraj Aalaei, to discuss his growing company. We discussed his insights into their numerous rounds of funding and how to successfully contribute to the ‘big data’ trend in the semiconductor industry.     1. Aquantia received numerous awards last Read More

CEO Interview – Dan Glotter, Optimal+


Dan Glotter, CEO, Optimal+ 1. What was the inspiration for founding Optimal+? My concept for Optimal+ started while I was working at Intel. I was working in wafer manufacturing and decided to move into test operations. What was most surprising to me was the level of automation, tools and methodologies that were Read More

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