The Asia-Pacific Leadership Council is comprised of executives from leading semiconductor companies throughout the Asia-Pacific region that will serve as advisors to the GSA Board of Directors on global and regional issues.
Dr. Nicky Lu
Dr. Nicky LuGSA AP Chairman
Founder, Chairman and CEO, Etron Technology
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WenChi Chen
WenChi ChenPresident & CEO
VIA Technologies
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Dr. Zhonghan John Deng
Dr. Zhonghan John DengCo-Founder, Chairman and CEO
Vimicro International
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Gordon Gau
Gordon GauPresident
Holtek Semiconductor
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Dr. Genda Hu
Dr. Genda HuChairman
FocalTech Systems
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Dr. Youm Huh
Dr. Youm HuhChairman and CEO
Silicon Mitus
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Dr. Tetsuya Iizuka
Dr. Tetsuya IizukaFounder and Chairman
THine Electronics
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Dr. Jae (Jaeheon) Jeong
Dr. Jae (Jaeheon) JeongCorporate EVP
Samsung Electronics
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Dr. Dim-Lee Kwong
Dr. Dim-Lee KwongSpecial Advisor Executive Director
A*STAR Institute for Microelectronics (IME)
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Dr. Leo Li
Dr. Leo LiCEO
Blue Ocean Smart Systems
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Dr. Qiang Liu
Dr. Qiang LiuChairman & CEO
Ingenic Semiconductor
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Dr. Chih-Yuan Lu
Dr. Chih-Yuan LuPresident
Macronix International
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Xiaoning Qi
Xiaoning QiVP Alibaba Group
Alibaba Group
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Dr. Chintay Shih
Dr. Chintay ShihSpecial Advisor Professor
National Tsing Hua University
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Dr. K.C. Shih
Dr. K.C. ShihFounder, President and COO
CIP United
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Ming-Kai Tsai
Ming-Kai TsaiChairman & CEO
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Hongyu Wang
Hongyu WangRegional President APAC
Bosch Sensortec GmbH
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Qin-Sheng Wang
Qin-Sheng WangHonorary Chairperson, IC Design Branch
China Semiconductor Industry Association (CSIA)
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Dr. Shaojun Wei
Dr. Shaojun WeiDirector, Research Center for Mobile Computing
Tsinghua University Mobile Computing Technology Research Center
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Jordan Wu
Jordan WuPresident, CEO and Director
Himax Technologies
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Dr. Ping Wu
Dr. Ping WuFounding & General Partner
SummitView Capital
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Dr. Howard C. Yang
Dr. Howard C. YangChairman & CEO
Montage Technology
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Dr. Simon Yang, Ph.D.
Dr. Simon Yang, Ph.D.CEO
Yangtze Memory Technologies
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Lidong Zhao
Lidong ZhaoCEO
Shanghai Enflame Technology Co. Ltd.
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Dr. Zhenyu Zhou
Dr. Zhenyu ZhouChariman & CEO
Actions (Zhuhai) Technology
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