As a member, your company automatically joins the pool of expertise that GSA draws from in our Global events. This is a fantastic way to leverage your specific knowledge base in front of the leaders of the industry. There are 8-12 global events every year with multiple themes and topics in which you have a chance to participate. While the choice of speakers depends on the specific event topics, we cannot guarantee that all member companies will be selected.

Speaking Opportunities:

GSA hosts multiple executive and technology-focused events throughout the year that attract global executives and professionals from leading companies in the expanded semiconductor ecosystem.

Speaking at these events is an ideal opportunity to leverage your specific knowledge base and expertise in front of the leaders of the industry. GSA event programs incorporate presentations covering,

Technical Insight Focus on specific technical case studies
Enabling Technologies Technologies that are empowering new opportunities in emerging markets
Emerging Markets Emerging markets that present new opportunities and challenges for semis
Business Insights Insights on disrupting business climates, evolving business models for decision-making, including market/technology trends.

Some of the key topics that GSA will be discussing include,

Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks
Internet of Things Sensors, Edge devices, Edge Intelligence, IoT network architectures, Security, 5G
Automotive Electronics Electrification, In-vehicle networks, Safety, In-vehicle processing
High Performance Computing New computing architectures, Quantum Computing Open Source Platforms

If you are interested in speaking at GSA events, please provide the following information:

  • Speaker Name and complete contact information

  • Specific speaking topic

  • 500 word or less abstract on topic

Click here to submit a request for speaking opportunities.

The information submitted will be kept in a proprietary GSA database, available only to GSA. Upon review of submissions, GSA will consider you for future speaking opportunities at GSA events and contact you for matching opportunities.

Contact: Shungo Saito –