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Sidense Exhibiting at TSMC 2014 North American Technology Symposiums

Ottawa, Canada and San Jose, Calif. (2014-04-15) Sidense will be exhibiting at the North American TMSC Technology Symposiums and discussing its low-cost, secure and reliable 1T-OTP non-volatile memory (NVM) IP, available from 180nm to 20nm including HV and BCD process nodes.

Maximizing return on development in semiconductor research and development

Silicon Valley (2014-04-09) It's no surprise that in the semiconductor industry the cost to innovate is rising. In fact, the need to create efficiencies in semiconductor research & development has perhaps never been greater. Is your company adeptly managing all the moving parts of the development machine and is it accurately measuring the performance factors needed to achieve financial growth? Explore a number of effective management techniques, processes and other metrics that semiconductor companies can utilize to ...

MediaTek Forecast to be Ranked 12th-Largest IC Supplier in 2014

(2014-04-07) MediaTek Inc., one of Taiwan's leading integrated circuit designers, is expected to benefit from a merger with MStar Semiconductor Inc. to become the 12th-largest IC supplier in the world in 2014, according to a research report released Wednesday.

Pyxalis adopts Cortus APS cores for smart CMOS image sensors

Montpellier, France and Grenoble, France (2014-04-02) Cortus, a technology leader in low power, silicon efficient, 32-bit processor IP, and CMOS image sensor solution company, Pyxalis, announce that Pyxalis has been using Cortus APS cores in multiple design projects. In a range of high performance image sensor designs, Pyxalis has used Cortus processor subsystems for a high level of software integration dedicated to sensor operation management. The processors offer the possibility to integrate more application-specific image processing functions ...

ON Semiconductor to Acquire Truesense Imaging, Inc.

Phoenix, Arizona (2014-04-02) ON Semiconductor Corporation, driving energy efficient innovations, today signed a definitive agreement to acquire Truesense Imaging, Inc., a provider of high-performance image sensor devices addressing a wide range of industrial end-markets including machine vision, surveillance, traffic monitoring, medical and scientific imaging, and photography. The acquisition of Truesense Imaging strongly complements ON Semiconductor's image-sensor business by vastly expanding its technology portfolio ...

eSilicon's Javier DeLaCruz to moderate the 2.5D/3D packaging panel at the GSA Silicon Summit

San Jose, California (2014-04-01) Javier DeLaCruz will provide an overview on where the industry stands in terms of developing and commercializing 2.5D/3D semiconductor technology and what remains to be done. A panel discussion will follow and address the use case for 2.5D/3D package technology, as well as the business needs within the supply chain in order to ignite 2.5D/3D package technology adoption and market growth, changing it, if possible, from a nascent alternative to a mature option.

Combating revenue leakage throughout semiconductor distribution channels

Silicon Valley, CA (2014-03-31) Each year, semiconductor companies pay out hundreds of millions of dollars in incentives to third-party channel partners. When channel partners fail to comply with the terms of agreements related to incentive claims -- or they fail to provide accurate and timely sales & inventory reporting back to semiconductor companies -- relationships with channel partners are strained and margins are eroded. What are some of the major areas of risk along the semiconductor channel partner value chain ...

Elevating marketing's impact across the broader semiconductor organization

Silicon Valley, CA (2014-03-26) With the drop in demand of the PC, there is a huge pressure on margins being felt in the greater hardware market, but the pressure is even greater within the semiconductor sub-sectors where products are "ingredients." Even well-known "ingredient" brands are not immune to this phenomenon. As a consequence, the pressure on Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) to perform is higher than ever. With limitations on budget, how can B2B marketing organizations meet increasing expectations? Explore how ...

Looking beyond product innovation to semiconductor business model and customer experience innovation strategies

Silicon Valley, CA (2014-03-21) The semiconductor industry has always been at the forefront of pushing science and technology to the edge in its innovation quest for even faster, smaller and more powerful chips. However, today's chips provide more than enough power, memory and speed to handle most applications. Squeezing more from product and process research & development is exponentially more expensive and as a result, the potential market return for that incremental investment is decreasing. Is the old formula of ...

Mentor Graphics Acquires Berkeley Design Automation to Advance Nanometer Analog/Mixed-Signal Verification

(2014-03-21) Mentor Graphics Corp. today announced that it has acquired Berkeley Design Automation, Inc. (BDA), a recognized leader in nanometer analog, mixed-signal, and RF circuit verification. With over one hundred customers worldwide, BDA uniquely addresses nanometer circuit design challenges via its Analog FastSPICE™ unified verification platform and exceptional vertical-application expertise. The acquisition of BDA aligns with Mentor's goal to deliver technologies with superior performance and ...

Cortus and Secure-IC Team up to Secure Smart Cards

Hong Kong (2014-03-19) Cortus, a technology leader in low power 32-bit processor IP, and Secure-IC, the Trusted Computing Company, today announced that they are collaborating in providing low power secure solutions for smart card developers. Securing smart cards below the OS is necessary to provide cards with a high degree of tamper-resistance. By offering security solutions tailored to a particular customer's requirements, a good trade-off can be made between the degree of protection and the cost in silicon. ...

ams introduces cost-saving system management reference design for lithium pedelec/e-bike batteries

Unterpremstaetten (2014-03-17) Blueprint for controllerless balancing and voltage monitoring shows how to reduce component count and BoM cost while providing essential safety functions Unterpremstaetten, Austria (March 17, 2014), ams AG (SIX: AMS), a leading provider of high perfor-mance analog ICs and sensors, today introduced an example design for lithium pedelec/e-bike batteries which implements accurate cell monitoring and balancing without the need for a microcontroller in the Battery Management System (BMS). ...

Safeguarding semiconductor trade secrets in an increasing digital world

Silicon Valley, CA (2014-03-11) Intellectual Property protection is a growing and evolving issue for semiconductor companies today, as we have continuously seen the industry suffer considerably from the damaging impacts of trade secret theft. In a time of heightened alert, what can companies do to safeguard their most precious trade secrets? While the loss of trade secrets can be both accidental and intentional, companies can implement a comprehensive approach to address most domains; one that should be customized based on ...

STATS ChipPAC Introduces Breakthrough Manufacturing Method for Wafer Level Packaging

Singapore (2014-03-11) STATS ChipPAC, a leading provider of advanced semiconductor packaging and test services, has designed and implemented an innovative new manufacturing method that is a significant paradigm shift from conventional wafer level manufacturing. This breakthrough approach, known as FlexLineTM, delivers an unmatched level of flexibility and cost savings for wafer level packaging (WLP).

Designers from leading IC design house Sondrel to share expertise at Mentor Graphics events in USA and Israel

Theale, UK (2014-03-10) Sondrel, one of the world's leading system-to-silicon IC design consultancies, is participating in two Mentor Graphics events, one in the USA and the other in Israel. Sondrel has a strong partnership with Mentor Graphics, as with other leading EDA tools vendors, and its IC design engineers are among the most experienced in the world, having successfully completed over 200 complex designs in advanced process geometries down to 14nm.

Semiconductor Sub vertical, High Tech Business Unit, TCS

(2014-03-03) The foundation of the success of semiconductor companies is in the ability to innovate and contain costs across the supply chain, while responding quickly to market conditions. Enterprises also seek to improve their competitive edge through enhanced operational efficiency, reduced time to market, innovation in business processes and greater customer satisfaction. To help you achieve this, TCS provides our full spectrum of Semiconductor Solutions and Services. Our solutions and services ...

STATS ChipPAC's fcCuBE Technology Achieves Significant Growth in 2013

Singapore (2014-02-26) Unit shipments of semiconductor packages utilizing STATS ChipPAC's patented fcCuBE® technology more than quadrupled in 2013 compared to 2012. Key building blocks of fcCuBE® technology, namely copper (Cu) column bumps and Bond-on-Lead (BOL) design and interconnection, have delivered clear advantages to customers by providing a higher routing density at a lower cost. The performance and cost advantages of this advanced flip chip packaging technology has driven adoption by customers in the ...

RF Micro to Buy TriQuint to Boost Mobile Chips Business

(2014-02-24) Chipmaker RF Micro Devices Inc. will buy peer TriQuint Semiconductor Inc for about $1.6 billion to capture a larger share of the market for chips supplied to Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd.

Improving accuracy in semiconductor forecasting

Silicon Valley (2014-02-13) Because of the cyclical and volatile nature of the semiconductor industry, sales forecasting is perhaps one of the most critical factors for financial success year-in and year-out. An accurate forecast can help minimize the need to unexpectedly ramp-up or burn-off inventory, either of which can wreak havoc on profitability. Companies need one version of the truth to run their businesses from inventory to allocation of marketing funds to salesforce compensation. Learn how CFOs can look beyond ...

Cadence Acquires High Speed Interface IP Assets of TranSwitch Corporation, Further Expanding IP Portfolio for Mobile/Consumer Market

(2014-02-12) Adding to its rapidly expanding IP portfolio, Cadence Design Systems, Inc., a leader in global electronic design innovation, today announced that it has acquired the high speed interface IP assets of TranSwitch Corporation and has also hired its experienced IP development team.

World's first stand-alone NFC microSD card certified for Visa and MasterCard mobile payments uses AS3922 from ams

Unterpremstaetten (2014-02-11) ams AG (SIX: AMS), a leading provider of high performance analog ICs and sensors, today announced that US-based DeviceFidelity, Inc. is using unique ams RF technology in its latest CredenSE 2.10 Near Field Communication (NFC) microSD card to enable secure, certified NFC transmissions between any mobile phone and contactless payment terminals from Visa and MasterCard.

Powervation Closes $5.5M Funding Round

(2014-02-10) Powervation Ltd., the leader in Intelligent Digital Power IC solutions, today announced it has recently raised a $5.5M C1 funding round which will enable it to further accelerate growth, product development, and market adoption of its Digital Power platform at leading cloud and communications infrastructure OEMs.

eSilicon's online multi-project wafer quote system now supports standard and custom packaging services

United States (2014-02-06) eSilicon Corporation announced the addition of package services to its automated, instant online quote system for multi-project wafer (MPW) shuttles. The service, accessed through user-friendly web or smartphone interfaces, instantly generates executable MPW quotes. Typically it can take up to a week to get a quote using the traditional manual process.

Highly reliable position sensor IC from ams provides accurate position data for latest active chassis con-trol systems

Unterpremstaetten (2014-02-05) Very low failure rate of AS5162 helps automotive customers achieve compliance with ISO26262 functional safety standard Unterpremstaetten, Austria (5 February, 2014), Highly reliable contactless magnetic position sensing technology from ams AG (SIX: AMS), a leading provider of high performance analog ICs and sensors, has gained valuable endorsement from the demanding automotive industry. International automotive supplier Continental is basing its new CPS series chassis height sensor on the ...

Cadence to Enhance High-Level Synthesis Offering with Acquisition of Forte Design Systems

(2014-02-05) Cadence Design Systems, Inc., a leader in global electronic design innovation, today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Forte Design Systems, a provider of SystemC-based high-level synthesis (HLS) and arithmetic IP.

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