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Dr. Tetsuya Iizuka, Ph.D.
Founder and Chairman
THine Electronics, Inc.

Dr. Tetsuya Iizuka is Founder and CEO of THine Electronics, Inc. Dr. Iizuka founded THine Microsystems in 1991 and also THine Electronics in 1992, the latter being initially a joint venture with Samsung Electronics. After closing an MBO deal from Samsung Electronics in 1998, he continued to take the responsible role to establish a global fabless LSI maker with its own brand ASSP. THine Electronics went public at JASDAQ in August 2001.

Prior to founding THine, Dr. Iizuka took a leading role in Toshiba as General Manager of the LSI Development Department of Toshiba's Semiconductor Device Engineering Laboratory. He was a resident engineer at HP IC Lab from 1980 to 1981. He served as the Visiting Professor of University of Tokyo. He has been Chairman of the Japanese Semiconductor Ventures Association (JASVA) since its establishment in 2000.

Dr. Iizuka received the first prize of Entrepreneur of the Year (EOY) Japan in 2001, sponsored by Ernst & Young, a Medal with Blue Ribbon in 2006 and a Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon in 2010. He earned a Ph.D. of Electronics Engineering from University of Tokyo in 1975.

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