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Dr. Simon Yang, Ph.D.
Yangtze Memory Technologies Co., Ltd.(YMTC)

Dr. Simon Yang is currently CEO of XMC. He is a veteran semiconductor industry executive and brings a dynamic vision to XMC as it sets a strategy for global expansion and a redefinition of the foundry model. Prior to taking over as CEO of XMC in 2012, he was COO at SMIC. His previous roles include CTO and Senior Vice President of Operations at Chartered Semiconductor (now GlobalFoundries) and R&D and Manufacturing Director at Intel. Dr. Yang is renowned for his ability to develop and deliver state of the art technologies. When he served in Intel, he received multiple Intel Achievement Awards and the STAR Award. Dr. Yang has extensive experience in semiconductor R&D, manufacturing and the domestic semiconductor supply chain integration. He sits on the Asia-Pacific Leadership Council of the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA).

Dr. Yang now also serves as executive consultant and researcher at Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Science. At the same time, he is the executive consultant of national "02" project.

Dr. Yang received his PhD in Materials Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). He holds more than 20 patents and has published over 30 technical papers.

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